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Share Lineage 2 Ultimate Client Collection (+Systems)

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In this particular topic I will share, or at least try to share all released Lineage 2 clients so far. Most of them will be NA (or later EU) versions. Some of them might be in another localization (eg. KR, if they are KR exclusive only, or if I miss the NA or EU counterpart).


Remaining Missing Clients for Passwords to go Free For All*

 - Korean Freya Anniversary Client (High Five Part 1 Anniversary Login Screen)

 - Korean Epeisodion Live Client (Woman with Sword Login Screen)

 - Korean Classic Age of Splendor Client (Baium Login Screen)

 - Korean Classic Goddard Client (Goddard Login Screen)


All other missing clients - Check Spoiler for Info (Missing Systems - Check gray Icons)


 - Korean Prelude Alpha Client

 - Korean Prelude Closed Beta Client

 - Korean Prelude Open Beta Client (09.07.2003)

 - High Five Part 4 (NA Protocol 271)

 - Korean Goddess of Destruction G*Star Demo Client

 - Korean Goddess of Destruction PTS Client

 - Korean Goddess of Destruction Live Client

 - Korean Epeisodion PTS Client (Woman missing)(It's called Valiance in NA

 - Korean Ertheia PTS Client


Please check your files for the following clients:


Korean Prelude Alpha/Beta:

If you are korean move ur ass and get them!! :D Otherwise we are not going to see them anyway :P

Lineage-2-1-0-0-0-TCC-0-0-Prelude-Korean <-- If you have a Client with this Login Screen, PM it to me! ;)


Korean Freya Anniversary - High Five Client:

"7th Anniversary" client with an annotation under the login window and a golden tree Login Screen Background.


Goddess of Destruction G*Star Demo Client:

This client was never released to the public. Recreation using the first Goddess of Destruction Client is not possible, since they removed parts of the floating platforms they are using in this demo. Maybe there is a korean GOD Beta client which could possibly contain the meshes of the platforms you see in this video?


Korean Epeisodion Client:

There are three different versions. NA Release had the one Version with a female warrior holding a spear (Check Valiance Client). The other two versions were part of korean clients only. The one without the female warrior should be the Korean Epeisodion PTS Client. The other one with the female warrior holding a sword should be the Korean Release / Live Client of Epeisodion.

val-epei-1.png val-epei-2.png

Korean Classic Age of Splendor - The Tower of Insolence Client:

Classic Lobbies are part of PTS or Live Clients since the introduction of Lineage 2 The Epic Tale of Aden Ertheia!

Must be a korean Ertheia, Infinite Odyssey or Underground(Hymn of the Soul) client.



Korean Classic Saviors - Goddard Client:

Must be part of some client between Salvation and Fafurion - Around Classic Seven Signs Update.



How to start your Epic Tale of Aden Client in Classic Mode:

In order to start your Epic Tale of Aden Clients in Classic Mode you need to go to the game's SYSTEM folder, find and open "option.ini" and set "SavedLobbyMapType" to "1" for Classic or to "2" for Live. If there is no such line just add the following lines preferable after [Audio] entries:




Now start the client using the "L2.exe" (You can rename "L2.bin" to "L2.exe"). Now you should see the classic login screen.

If it's one of the above, don't waste time! Get the client zipped! Upload it! Share it! Slap your butt cheeks! Be happy! :D



All clients are already preinstalled and repacked. Each respective repack contains the official / retail / unpatched (some are patched since missed them in my collection) client, which will run on the intended OS it was created for only! Files are Password Protected!*



Chaotic Chronicle Saga (NA):

cc00.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png


cc05.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

cc10.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

cc20.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

cc30.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

cc40.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

cc50.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png


Chaotic Throne Saga (NA):

cc60.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct10.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct15.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct21.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct22.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct23.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct24.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct25.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct26a.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct26b.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct26c.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png

ct26d.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdlnot.png


Goddess of Destruction Saga (NA):

god10.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

god15.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

god20.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

god25.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

god30.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

god35.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png


Epic Tale of Aden Saga (NA/EU):

eta10.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

eta20.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

eta25.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

eta30.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

eta40.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA50.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA55.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA60.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA61.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA62.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA63.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png
ETA64.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA70.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ETA70b.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png


Lineage 2 Classic (NA/EU)*:

c05.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png


c10.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c15.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c20.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c25.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c27.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c28.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c29a.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c29b.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c30.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c35.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png
c37.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c38.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

c39.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png


Lineage 2 Essence (NA/EU)*:

ess10.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png
ess20.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ess30.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png

ess40.png Win10-System-no.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png


Lineage 2 ARENA (RU):

eta59.png Win10-System.png lsmissingnot.pnglsmissingdl.png


*NOTE:  Classic / Essence is included in Live releases since "ETA Ertheia". Check links / revisions to avoid duplicate downloads!

*NOTE:  Each repack is password protected and available for active users only! You need to contribute, share, help, create something related to L2 here on MXC! Leave me a message. I will send you the corresponding password, if you meet the conditions.

All passwords will eventually go public after the collection is complete. You are not allowed to share passwords among other users!  (Excluding Prelude Alpha/Beta and GOD G*Star Clients, since they are unlikely to be found)


CREDITS:  Akar0 (Systems), AlisaCodeDragon (Systems), Bonux (Clients/Systems), Finn (Clients/Systems), Mobius (Clients/Systems), webdes27 (Clients)



CC00: FCICN0N0_b
CC05: FCICN0N0_f!
CC10: FCICN1N0_f!
CC20: FCICN2N0_f"
CC30: FCICN3N0_f!"
CC40: FCICN4N0_!f"
CC50: FCICN5N0_f"!
CT00: FCITN0N0_"f
CT10: FCITN1N0_kf
CT15: FCITN1N5_khf
CT21: FCITN2N1_gf
CT22: FCITN2N2_ggf
CT23: FCITN2N3_ggff
CT24: FCITN2N4_gef
CT25: FCITN2N5_ff
CT26: FCITN2N6_fa
CT26: FCITN2N6_23
CT26: FCITN2N6_fh1
CT26: FCITN2N6_hf5
ET10: Ert1V_N!               b05
ET20: iNfV_F?!
ET20: iNfV_U?!
ET30: Lord_H3l!
ET40: KreuzZug!
ET50: Erlö5ung
ET55: 5CHick54L
ET59: 59_4r3Na
ET60: f4f-34c/
ET61: FaF_f=P+
ET62: p1_%TG
ET62: p2_=$T
ET62: p3_?+'
ET70: doh_H0!


system pw





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- Valiance Client added

- High Five Part 2 Client Added

- High Five Revision Numbers added (top right corner of each representative button)


*Note: NA had only 4 revisions of H5 (267,268,271,273). As I know they never had the Freya H5 Anniversary Client. Therefore I gave them a new order.

Part 1: H5 Anniversary (RU untill I find the real Korean one - If u have, share it please!)

Part 2: NA H5 Part 1 Client (267)

Part 3: NA H5 Part 2 Client (268)

Part 4: NA H5 Part 3 Client (271) <-- This one is missing. Check your files and share! :)

Part 5: NA H5 Part 4 Client (273)


Edited by Finn
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 - added new Icons

 - added revision numbers to the GOD Saga

 - added descriptions about missing clients

 - upcoming client list added

Edited by Finn
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Nice to see that some people like this collection already!


PS: If you have Patched Systems which are Win10 compatible, please don't hesitate to share them. I will add them to the collection. You can see all missing systems in the first post (Gray System Logo).

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 - Upcoming Client list added (Rest of Clients till present - ETA, Classic and Essence)

 - Ertheia 610 NA Client added

 - Classic 019 NA Beta Client added (Classic Only)


Please have a look on the missing client list and check your private local collection. 

Edited by Finn
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 - Infinite Odyssey Client added (NA 024)

 - Classic 1.0 Client added (NA 024)

 - Underground Client added

 - Age of Splendor Classic Client added


*NOTE: Classic Clients are part of Live Clients since the introduction of "Lineage 2 The Epic Tale of Aden". This means, if you downloaded a ETA Live Client, you automaticly have the respective Classic Client eg. Infinite Odyssey -> Classic 1.0; Underground -> Classic 1.5) The only classic clients that will be different are Classic Beta (Ertheia) and the two missing ones - Tower of Insolence and Goddard (see missing list for information). Check links to avoid duplicate downloads.




 - Helios Client added

 - Saviors Client added

Edited by Finn
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 - Grand Crusade NA110 Client added

 - Classic Saviors: Zaken NA110 Client added

 - Lineage 2 "The Arena" Exclusive Russian Alpha Client added <--- (Link Removed, File was damaged)


*Upload for the newer clients takes longer, bcs mega's uploadspeed limit is at 700KB/s. Also each newer client is about 8~11+ GB.




I will upload other Win10 patched Systems after I finished uploading the remaining clients.

Edited by Finn
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