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WTS Maestro 108 +10 Trans Set DW lv. 2 ... CORE+TIAT Server

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I want to sell my main Character in Core Server couse im too busy IRL and dont have much time to play.


Tyr maestro Lv. 108 more than 50% // Dual class Tyr Dreadnought 105 40%


Fafurion Avenger Lv. 2 Shillien Lv. 5 with it

+5 Radiant Warrior Circlet

+10 Trancendent Light Set with Cool Appearance

+4 Enchanted Levi Shield


+5 Enhaced La vie en Roses Brooch (lvl 3 and 4 Jewels)

+10 Lucien Bracelet (+10% Patk)

Ruler's Of Authority

Seven Signs Talisman

Talisman Insanity

Talisman Abundance Lv.1

Sayha Talisman Lv. 8

Venir Talisman Lv. 12


x3 Legendary Lv. 5 Dye (P atk, P Skill Power, P Crit Dmg)


Dragon Rind leather Shirt +3

Bless Antharas Earring +5

Tauti Ring

+8 Angel Necklace Assault 1


Nevit Cloack x1 in box

Sealed Longing Talisman



A lot of Junk in WH with Freya Runes, Sayhas pack etc etc of last events.


Im the ORIGINAL OWNER of this account we can change email with no problem if neccesary.


Im actually listen OFFERS FOR FULL ACCOUNT.


I keep my right of reject trade with whoever i want, if i dont feel fine with you, i wont trade.


Feel Free of private me ^^




Several Items Sold to Citygamer and Pufa. Trusted Guys!!


Some adena sold to John8, perfect as allways. Trusted guy!!


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1 hour ago, bronkerz said:

we can change email with no problem IF neccesary.

naaaaaaah, nobody would ask for that wow xdd
I mean, how is that supposed to work?
You get the money but you still own the account by having access through email.
I hope you are not serious.
There is no "if necessary" but it's mandatory.

Edited by bistabil

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Dude as easy as that. Seems hard? ^^





Watch Out with BlindFox aka EddyBravo#1720 Tried to scamm me but failed ^^


Post Updated

+5 Radiant Circlet added to character gear.

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