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Unreal Engine 4 L2remorse did this , will work ?

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7 hours ago, AlmostGood said:

.....people are just bored of what game has to offer, exactly same gameplay for 10 years is just no fun, so without major changes and constant updates, it will end just like any other regular priv....


Yes, exactly. Lineage 2 has absolutely no content except a wide variety of Items and NPCs. If you look at L2 now and maybe from the perspective of some years ago.... you will see that it absolutely lacks the pve part. No movies, no main quest line, no sidequests, nothing implemented to explore the world.....you have absolutely nothing to do now in Lineage 2. They also placed all NPCs you need in one custom random place in the town areas - I mean.... how retarded is this?? Also no freight dwarves, skills are learned on the way, no classmasters, no books, they even removed D-S grade (or at least try to). They fucked up all starting areas by removing all old content (which was not much) and merged all shitty races in one stupid starting area, where.......and yes thats again a motherfucking retarded step - they also killed more than 50% of quests they introduced with Goddess of Destruction. You also do not even have to run around to do quests anymore....you will be teleported to the objectives and back again. NC or at least the production leader became (or was at the point when hireing) a full retard (and still is).


Ah and here.... A screenshot taken by me on a live Fafurion client:



They somehow managed to go more than full retard. :troll: Like they don't even care about this game anymore. All that's in their focus is the stupid NC Coin Shop.



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  • 1 month later...

Maybe that's the reason the LU4team trying to port this crap into new engine and most basically into x64.They all want to give their favorite game a second chance 

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