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Share Essence + Classic Interface (Recompiled)

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Hello MaxCheaters i am LumosDH And today i will share a custom Recompiled 2way interface for Interlude - C6. This patch contains 2 different Interfaces.   Interface by @Iordanov and @Celestine   Clan Icons:     Party Icons:       Auto Assist:   New & Old     Damage on screen job by @OpalSnow _________________________________________________________________________________________

did not see it in a patch   Animation on light vortex has been hanging for too long, this needs to be fixed in the viRUS_Skill_01.u file. Put it like this.  

I never said that i am the author! I never said that i create/edit/crack the files. I just recompiled some prexisting  files/shares according to my playstyle. I am also saying "I am not the Author of the files i just collect the shared files and made a new one to my playstyle! Special thanks to authors @Iordanov  - @Celestine - @Asuki - @GLO - @OpalSnow - Aikon - Hool1gan. If i forgot anyone let me know to update the post! " Atleast i give credits compare to you! Before i upload i got th

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