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WTS Interface Advanced Mods - Over Player Head Overlay /Texture

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Health Bar / HP overlay from GOD+ chronicles , in C6 , HighFive Client , working modification .


In this video it is shown how it its applied over simple Monster's , possible to apply over npc( on siege , fortress, etc)  


And thats how its applied in PvP , in party or without it


Its possible to draw any kind of ui over player head in c6 , or GF , HighFIve, GOD+ like the ui from l2 Arena client , or even other games, some custom art !




Feel free to ask, suggest.

If u are interested in appling such modification on your server, or just as helping mod for your daily Pvp on c6 GF HighFive, write me down PM .


Thank's for viewing !

Have  a great day. 

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