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Bloodlust had a good launch. Over the weekend our online was 500 real players! We experienced a few issues with Venustia (GM-Shop) high prices for a PvP server but we managed to re-work everything in less that 24 hours!

Bloodlust now offers a more PvP-friendly environment!


  • - NEW teleport locations for all Epic & Shifting zones, reducing the probability of a spawn-kill
  • - NEW, reduced prices for Venustia (around -40%)
  • - Mana Potions boosted by 500 MP. NO more PK limitations!
  • - Addition of the Clan Hall Exclusive NPC: Combine Talismans, Remove Karma, Remove PKs
  • - Divine Inspiration Books & Forgotten Scrolls are now automatically learned
  • - Barakiel Token 25k BS on Venustia.

What has NOT changed:

We do not offer any Pay-to-Win donation services! PlayINERA has always been PLAY-to-Win! ;)

Screenshots from today's Team Vs Team Event (UNIQUE MAP):







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10 hours ago, geokiller said:

server seems pretty under populated. No way in hell this joke exp rate is x100 .
Dont let them fool you, this so called server is not a pvp server .

Our launch setup was not perfect but it's only day 6, we currently re-adjusting everything to maximize PvP.

Latest changelog:

– The penalty for withdrawing from a clan has been reduced to 1 hour
– The announcement for the activation of Epic PvP zones will include the exact time until activation
– The Adena and Blood Stone cost of buffs available on the Scheme Buffer has been reduced by 40%
– Addition of a new teleport location on the Teleporter: ‘Epic PvP: Queen Ant’. This will teleport players inside the Ant’s Nest
– The percentage of Blood Stones stolen via the Blood Price system has been increased

Event System
– Addition of the automated event system. Use /time to view the server’s time:
– Berserker: every day at 18:00 & 00:00 | Winner Reward: 10,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 2,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing
– Team vs Team: every day at 20:00 | Winner Reward: 8,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 1,000 Blood Stones | Participation  Reward: Event Blessing
– Last Man Standing: every day at 22:00 | Winner Reward: 10,000 Blood Stones | Consolation  Reward: 2,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing

Shifting & Epic PvP Zones
– The minimum amount of Blood Stones carried to enter a Shifting/Epic PvP Zone has been increased from 2,000 to 10,000
– The spawn chance of an Enraged monsters has been increased
– From now on, on weekdays, there will be four Shifting Zone cycles

– The Blood Stone drop amount for all Epic Bosses has been increased
– An issue where Flame of Splendor Barakiel would not respawn unless the server was restarted has been fixed
– Addition of the Sin Absolver Katarina in Giran Castle Town. She offers PK/Karma reduction as well as Talisman Combination services
– From now on, Orfen will not teleport players attacking from afar
– An issue where Flamestone Giant would occasionally be unable to attack has been fixed

– From now on, Mana Potions will be able to be used while in a chaotic state
– The effectiveness of Mana Potions has been increased to 1,500 MP every 15 sec. while out of combat and 1,000 MP every 15 sec. while in combat
– From now on, Soul Breaking Arrows will not be removed upon challenging Frintezza
– Angel’s Halo & Demon’s Circlet are now exchangeable

– An issue where the Farmer’s Potion bonus and the Vote Blessing would not stack has been fixed
– An issue where Turn Undead would be ineffective against monsters in the Imperial Tomb due to the level difference has been fixed

Edited by FixerRay

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Greetings everyone!

As you may all know, Bloodlust has had its fair share of issues related to its base setup. These issues resulted in a drop in population. Since launch, we have been closely monitoring everyone's feedback and we did implement a few changes. However, these do not suffice. We want to transform Bloodlust into what it was meant to be. A fun, PvP-packed server.

What's Going to Happen?

As there's going to be a lot of changes coming our way, the server will have to be temporarily brought down while we work on the upcoming changes. As such, the server will be brought down on Monday, July 6th 21:00 GMT +3 and will be re-launched Saturday, July 11th 18:00 GMT +3. Note that the server WILL NOT BE WIPED

What Kind of Changes are Coming?

A few of the main changes that will take place are the following:

- The Vitality system will be reinstated so that leveling will be less of a hassle
- All Daily Rewards will be adjusted to be more rewarding, especially those for characters level 76 and above
- The Item Upgrade system will be removed to make it easier to obtain gear
- Newcomer Bonuses will be introduced. These will apply to all characters created from July 11th onwards. This means that both new & existing players will be able to benefit from these bonuses.

The rest of the changes will be announced along with the Patch Notes.


We are doing this because we believe that you deserve better and we want to make up for our shortcomings. 

We appreciate everyone's support and the fact that a lot of you share our passion for this project.

Stay tuned!


RE-OPENING: Saturday, July 11th 18:00 GMT +3


Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/TnkeBkm

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Hey everyone.

So, we have had multiple requests for the server to be wiped and relaunched. Based on player feedback we are thinking of doing the following:

1) Wipe all character data
2) Re-adjust the Training Zone so that players get to level 85 quickly and leaving there being able to get a full Dynasty set.
3) Slightly adjust the prices for Vesper weapons
4) Refund all iCoin spent up until now to all Master Accounts

Please note that we cannot afford to hold a massive advertisement campaign as our budget is quite limited, however we will try our best to get the word out.

An ETA for the relaunch would be Sat. July 18th.

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