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Was informed that the features were not posted as easily as some players would have liked while reading some of our threads. I've updated the opening thread to include our features.


Thank you kindly.



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How does it work?
The OBT will begin at 18:00 GMT+2 on 24JUN2020. Once the gates open there will be an NPC called "The Drifter" in the middle of Giran. Using your character, speak with this NPC before he vanishes into dust. The drifter will stay for 1 hour only; he will be departing at exactly 19:00 GMT+2 so make sure to login asap and claim your reward!

What's the reward?
All your character will start with a legendary start pack upon creation. Believe it that you will not want to miss this starter pack, so get your butt to our open beta and experience the best PvP server to ever be created. You will finally see why INERA is renowned for its innovation and standards for excellence.



Open Beta in 5 days.



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We are almost there, Bloodlust PvP server Running on Unique Gracia Final INERA's files adjusted for Ultimate PvP!

-ALL Epics including Barakiel are using PvP Zones that are enabled Automatically 1-hour before Respawn following by a Global announcement.
-Static Respawns for the above to maximize PvP.

-GeoEngine adjusted by using L2OFF algorithms and have been tested over the seasons with amazing results.

-Retail Epilogue Olympiad system & Arenas, ALL customs such Ability tree, costumes stats etc are disabled inside Olympiad!

And much more, Join our Open Beta at 24 JUNE 18:00 GMT+2 and feel the difference :)

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We managed to hit 500+ online on 1st day. We're quite happy with these numbers for a PVP-centric server. If you're curious, come check out our great features. Have a bit of summer fun with your buddies in a PvP bloodbath!






@Celestine Please move our thread into Live servers, thanks.

Server updated/upgraded!

A more PvP friendly environment applied with new Prices on Venustia!


  • -NEW Teleport locations for all EPIC/SHIFTING zones, Hard to spawn kill.
  • -NEW Prices for Venustia, lowered almost 40%.
  • -Mana Potion boosted by 500 MP, NO more PK limitations!
  • -Clan Hall Exclusive NPC, Combine Talismans, Remove Karma, Remove PKs!
  • -Divine Inspiration BUFF BOOKS AUTO Learn! -Forgotten Scrolls AUTO Learn!
  • -Barakiel Token 25k BS on Venustia. Soon more PvP friendly changes, have fun.


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