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Hello Cheaters.

This is a Community Board i've made some time ago for a client and since i liked the design and the server is no longer online i decided to share it with everyone.

Keep in mind that the files you will get will be the HTML files and the required client files for the textures.

There are no java codes and there is no particular order all HTML files are named after their pages so you will have to edti your own files and add the bypasses and java side yourself.


A Preview of the Home page:


And here you can check all pages



The rar file contains the following:

  • Community Board folder - All the HTML Files.
  • community pages folder - All the screenshots.
  • L2EssenceCommunity.utx - Add this to your systextures so you can see the textures.


You can download it from here:

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3 hours ago, falcone2 said:

for il?

It was made for classic and tested on H5 as well but with some small modifications it can work in interlude as well, the only difference is the dimensions the IL got less width and height

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19 hours ago, papelx said:

How can i implement in my Hi5 Server? Where may i put the html files?


In your Community Board root folder, however these are only html files, in order the functions to be working you have to add the java side.

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