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WTB DV Rework for H5 + PTS spawns

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Hello i finde this for High five server- Source FandC


Dragon Valley Full Rework - Retail Like Respawned whole DV mob by mob, clean and with no mobs in walls.

Added correct stats based on rpg club h5.

Added all resists to mobs, on most packs dv mobs doesnt even have correct resists like for example L2Tales.

Added all passive active skills for mobs.


Added AI for Batwing Drake

Added AI for Emerald Drake

Added DV Retail Event with Magma Drakes, wich drop bews beas, that group on the screenshot,

Added AI for Drakos Hunter/Warrior, onhit function wich summons assasins.

Added AI for Bloody Karik Bloody Karinness Bloody Berserker onkill function wich spawns clones to rape the victim, making it impossible to solo there.

Gem Dragons divided into 2 spawns, one for solo mobs, second one with groups of 3 gem dragons as on retail

Drakos Guardians, spawned as groups of 3 as on retail

Reworked AI for 7raids, summon minions onhit etc.


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