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Lineage 2 upcoming server  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. What Server would you like to play!

    • Interlude
    • H5
    • H5+God Graphic's
    • Classic
    • Other

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Hello community !

I've been a l2 player since 2009 when we where farming on varka hiting lvl79 trying to enchant our weapons as much as we could and then make pvp outside of goddard 

now for me that was the experience that make me love lineage 2 it was so much fun and not a lot of weird things existed back then!

Share your experience of how you first started playing l2 and what make you wanna play it till today ! :)

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I think many who are stuck with Interlude but also want things to be shuffled a bit would appreciate more "Interlude-Rework/Remastered/Final" projects (Valhalla, e-global, DEX). 


Modern client from Classic but with C4/Interlude game-play with minor tweaks and additions sounds interesting to me. 


Stock Interlude doesn't seem cut it anymore. In fact, stock single chronicle based servers seem to be reaching their absolute limit. 

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