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You might have seen a lot of stuff like this around google but most of them are outdated. Most of the cpus/gpus can't be found in markets anymore so,

First of all i would like to point out some common mistakes during settings, but before that, let's explain let's see what every Setting means.

  • FPS Camera FOV (Set by default to 90, if you are playing in FPP Mode set this to 103, it will give you a wider field of view. If you're playing TPP then its pointless to switch unless you're toggling between FPP/TPP perspectives during fights)
  • Brightness (you all know what brightness is, i move on)
  • Lobby FPS Limit(Maximum Frames/Sec while in lobby, pointless to set more than 30 imo)
  • In-game FPS Limit (Depends on your screen, it's good to limit this based on your screen cap)
  • Smoothed Framerate (it's a crappy sync, not sure if it synchronizes with all G-Sync,V-Sync,Free-Sync techs, wouldn't surprise me if it didn't though) In my opinion turn this off
  • Screen Scale (The higher you put, the better resolution you get, if your computer isn't that strong it will decrease your FPS)
  • Anti-Alising (This is a setting to make objects look smoother, decreasing your jaggy edges in game)
  • Post-Processing (this deals primarily with lighting effects, makes the game look nicer visually [depending on the screen] but it affects fps)
  • Shadows (you all know what shadows are, in PUBG they're pointless most of the times i set to low/very low)
  • Textures(Controls overall game graphic quality, affects BOTH cpu and gpu)
  • Effects (Useless setting that determines the quality of molys/smokes/explosions etc)
  • Foliage (This is a texture setting for trees/grass, pointless to make it high unless you have a good GPU)
  • View Distance (Affects the distance that the fields and buildings get rendered by your GPU)
  • V-Sync (adds input lag, unless you're using an old monitor and a new gpu or vice versa, turn this off)
  • Motion Blur (Piece of crap, blocks your visibility, turn this off too)
  • Sharpen (This one makes everything in-game look sharper. You won't notice a big difference between on and off, usually depends on your screen monitor, so you have to check this on your own)


A huge common mistake that many guys do is setting everything to very low. As mentioned above, most of the settings require both CPU and GPU usage. If you put a setting to "very low" you relieve your GPU but you give some extra work for your CPU. So if your computer barely loads pubg (unless you wanna have a barbeque) you should consider between switching all settings to low or play pubg lite. Setting everything to ultra is a mistake too, you will suffer by many glitches in graphics.

Standard settings

  • Low (everything set to low)
  • Competitive (Anti-Alising HIGH, Post-Processing LOW, Shadows Very Low, Textures HIGH/Ultra, Effects LOW, Foliage LOW, View-Distance Medium/HIGH)
  • Ultra (everything set to ultra)


Now let's get to the hardware, your minimum goal while playing pubg is to get at least 60 frames (without huge drops ofc), if you can not get using any settings then you should probably switch game or computer. Here are some suggestions depending on your Monitor FPS Cap & Resolution.


60 FPS Monitor, 1080p Resolution

  • CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 (1600 is fine too but their difference is 10 euros, so unless your motherboard is too old you should get 2600)
  • GPU - GTX 1050 Ti or RX 570/580, i 've played in 1050ti and rx 570 both in competitive settings, my fps were fine
  • RAM - 8 GB DDR4 at least 2100 Mhz


144 FPS Monitor, 1080p Resolution

  • CPU - Ryzen 5 3600/3600x(Picking r5 2600 might result in bottleneck with the following GPUS)
  • GPU - RX 5600 XT for competitive settings and RX 5700XT(i suggest powercolor)/ RTX 2070 for High/Ultra Settings
  • RAM - 16 GB DDR4 at least 2666 Mhz ( i suggest 3200 since prices are almost the same. Make sure ur ram doesnt have CAS Latency more than 16)


60 FPS Monitor, 2k resolution

Same as 144 FPS@1080p


144 FPS Monitor, 2k resolution

  • CPU - Ryzen 7 3700X
  • GPU - RTX 2070 Super/ RTX 2080 for competitive settings, i'd suggest 2070S due to it's price. They have small differences in performance. 2080 ti for high/ultra settings
  • RAM - 32 GB DDR4 at least 3200 Mhz


Common Requirements for all

  • OS - Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
  • DirectX Version 11
  • Connection at least 250 kbyte/s available at the time you play ( 1mByte@8mbps is fine)
  • 35 GB Free space ( I suggest NVME M.2 SSD)



PS: If you struggle finding the best settings for your gear, feel free to post your PC specs below.

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