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[Gracia T2J]L2 Vasper


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Features List for Linage][Vasper



This is a Gracia Part 2 Server!


Server Rates


~-Exp = 300x-~ || ~-Sp = 300x-~


~-Adena = Custom-~ || ~-Drop = Custom-~



Safe Enchant +5


Max Enchant +20 For Weapons

Max Enchant +40 For Armor


Enchant Rates 90% Regular / 100% Blessed


To get enchants you must do:


The Invasion Event (Regular Only)


Raid Bosses(Regular)


Event spawned Raid Bosses (Regular and Blessed)


Letter Event(Regular and Blessed)


(Enchants are semi-rare)



If you downloaded the env.int file located -->here<--

you will get glow colors such as this one:




Hourly Automated Events such as:

TvT (Team vs Team)

KOTH (King of The Hill)




New Event: Invasion


Event Features of Invasion:


3 Difficulties, Easy, Difficult, and Impossible.


Easy drops blue seeds, Difficult drops white, and Impossible drops red.


Blue seeds are worth 2 coin.

White seeds are worth 4 coins.

Red seeds are worth 10 coins.


Take the seeds to the Invasion Prize Npc in Giran for Coins.


At that npc you can take you chances with your coins and roll dice.


Roll a 3 and you win random enchants!



PvP Name/Title Color System:


PvP Amount = 0

Color of Name = White


Pvp Amount = 15

Color of Name = Light Green


Pvp Amount = 250

Color of Name = Green


Special Horse Mount rewarded to players who hit 250 pvp points!


(NPC is in giran!)


Pvp Amount = 500

Color of Name = Dark Green


Pvp Amount = 1000

Color of Name = Grey


Pvp Amount = 2000

Color of Name = Black


PK Amount = 5

Color of Title = Dark Blue



Other Features:



We have many Custom features to keep you busy and having fun!




Example of the invasion event




Custom rewards for events, such as collecting coins from invasions to play dice for enchants




Custom rewards for getting to Level 85 or to 250 PvP's


width=456 height=480http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/4946/rewardsow9.png[/img]


Example of a PvP reward




Easy to use Scheme buffer to keep buffing fast and simple




Scheme NPC Buffer


All raids are level 80 with level 80 minions and all drop the same items!


Enchants are semi-rare drops from raids, invasion event and the letter event only!


Enchant rates are 90% regular, 100% blessed.


Raid Boss Event every 2 hours!

These raids drop Blessed enchant scrolls (100% enchants)


Can have 4 Sub-Classes


No sub-class quest


No items needed to learn clan skills


Global Gate Keeper


1 Hour Buff Times


Buff limit is 20 buffs, 12 dances/songs


No Annoying Drops that fill your inventory!


Custom events


Custom drops


Custom openable event rewards


Great Geo-data


Champion mobs






Fort Siege of Dragon Spine


Full Gm Shop up to S grade


Dynasty and Icarus Available through farming custom items droppable from all mobs


Olympiad (Set every 2 weeks)




Auto-Learn Skills


auto given Noblesse at level 85!


Augmentations work, including Chance Augments



Custom Drop Information:



Adena, Medals, L2 Day Letters, Event Gift Boxes, Life Stones, Hats, Giants Codex,

and a wide variety of other drops can be found on every mob in Lineage][Vasper.


As long as the mob is within 8 levels of you it will drop these items.


All raids are level 80 and have a chance to drop the following:


Enchant Weapon A


Enchant Weapon S


Enchant Armor A


Enchant Armor S


Gold Bar (Worth 500,000,000 Adena)


Raids spawned by the Automated Event NPC and special raids drop:


Blessed Weapon A


Blessed Weapon S


Blessed Armor A


Blessed Armor S


Enchant Weapon A


Enchant Weapon S


Enchant Armor A


Enchant Armor S


Gold Bar (Worth 500,000,000 Adena)



(Example of a Custom Raid)


L2 Day Letters can be put together to spell words to receive great prizes in game!


Here is an Example:




Collect the letters L I N E A G E and II, and you can spell Lineage II and Turn in the word for a prize at the NPC in giran!



Also you can collect Glittering and Regular medals




These can be traded in for prizes in giran as well!




Event boxes can be collected also,




They are Open-able chests that have random hats stored inside!






You can visit us on our website : http://l2vasper.tk/

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Lineage II Vasper << This Is Your Current Topic Title

Pls Change It Because It Is Not Following The Section Rules

How MuST Be:

For OFF Servers [Gracia T2 OFF]L2 Vasper

For Java Servers [Gracia T2J]L2 Vasper

Also The Server Looks Good ... But Something Goes Wrong To Me .... AnyWay GL With Your Server

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