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raidbos return back

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It has been already shared somewhere for L2J. You should also contain specified details like your projects pack when asking that sort of questions

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    • @Mank1z their point is that you can't brag about something and then back down. Doesn't look credible, that's all.
    • Their new ideas like mastery skill trees, custom quests , or what ever sucks big time too.  People who play l2 doesnt even care about such things Lineage 2 had the worst quests from almost all mmorpg games out there. Still people who played this game wasnt because of the "good" (kappa) quest lines. But because of the intense massive pvp action like sieges, rb fights,mass pvp's etc and hardcore griding (before IL era)...   Since this game is fight oriented you are obligated as admin to
    • If you have not already, can you email me the following information to to help with getting Unbanned:  What Game Were you Banned?  Why were you banned?  Have you appealed the ban?  Have you been banned before?  Where did you hear about my service ?   Do you have a Promo code from a referral? What is your Skype and/or Discord?
    • No no no no .. Not bot allow features! It's now called auto assist farming helper!!!!!!!!!! :D Sounds better?.. xDDDDDDDDD Stupidest idea I've ever seen thus far.. The can't fix it (the balance). Most don't even know how it's supposed to be but this is secondary. Firat and foremost they simply can't. Some times is the server files itself that cannot be corrected, other times they don't know where to look and many times they just don't wanna fix it. But in my experience all c4 based servers ha
    • Tales server rules: HF Interlude: Stalonka is a bulshiter. Mf who always lie and he thinks that everyone will just belive him. He will only ban his competition. Cuz he is selling items too (for donation coins). ppl with 1-2 bots are harmless cuz they are just exping or getting shit amout of adena/H.  ppl with 4-8 bots with effective ways to get good items alwyas will be banned. "only ppl w/o real life will play l2 at summer time w/o bot lol" Tales is only for suckers tha
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