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[Report] =>Fake Citygamer found !


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Hello everyone . 

As you can see , i sell gold in l2warland  and i got pmed by  this guy  https://maxcheaters.com/profile/215407-sellbuy/ , asking me for skypd id. 

He its the only person i gave my ID , i gave it and what do you think? DigitalDemurg added me on skype about L2warland gold. I searched for this guy (sellbuy) and i found this ===> https://maxcheaters.com/topic/222454-wtb-l2zaken-adena-items-and-dps/?tab=comments#comment-2680001. So look what Lyrica sayd. Same thing like it happened to me.

I forgot to mention that i was scammed few days ago on l2gold.in  trading my full char and didnt got any proof of scammer account on maxcheaters forum bcoz i had  in my post one of my other skype ID, so he added me on skype and we talked only there.

I reported this guy few days ago with my other mxc account.

Pm proof https://imgur.com/a/UkYsABN ( I dont want everyone to see my skype id) if necesarry , i send to admins.

Skype proof :  https://imgur.com/a/s9lmpCR

I Dont know if he its the real scammer of just a guy who work with it.

I hope you ban him  , his accounts so he cant log or create another anymore!

Thank you


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Hello buddy,


let me get this,

nobody scammed you but you are just here to inform us that this guy probably tried to scam you(?) like he probably did before two years to another member?

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You didnt understand what i mean.

I got scammed 1 week ago on l2gold.in by this guy(digitaldemurg) he was using the real name of citygamer, an honest seller/buyer.

After few days i created a post about selling items on L2warland with my other maxcheater account.

That guy sellbuy pm me for skype ID, i gave him the ID and digitaldemurg added me on on the skype ID that i gave only to sellbuy .

He want to scam again.

So that guy sellbuy have something to do with digitaldemurg .

Read this : https://imgur.com/a/IXVK4kz

I could be scammed again,with same tehnique of digitaldemurg if i would continue lol

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