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L2Free Interlude x50

Grand opening April 3, 2021



  • Experience (XP) x50.
  • Skill Potion (SP) x50.
  • Adena x50.
  • Seal stones x5.
  • Quest x5


  • Safe Enchant +4.
  • Max. Armor +12.
  • Max. Weapon +16.
  • Enchant Rate 60%.
  • Blessed Rate 70%.



  • Skills chance NG 0% | MID 15% | HIGH 30% | TOP 45%.
  • No augmentation glow chance.
  • Skills status are retail.
  • Skills deleted on change weapon.



  • Duration time 2 hours.
  • Max. 20 + 4 slots (auto divine inspiration).
  • Self-skills do not occupy slots.
  • Npc available with all buffs.


  • Server Timezone (UTC -3).
  • Auto loot. (Not for Boss)
  • Auto learn skills.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd class free.
  • Subclass free.
  • Nobless quest retail.
  • Spawn protection 30 seconds.
  • Limited access - 3 sessions per PC.
  • Custom cancellation - Buffs return after 15 seconds.
  • Flames of Invincibility - Removed on any action except movement.
  • Shift-click mobs to view droplist.
  • Tyrannosaurus drop Top-Grade Life Stone: Level 76.
  • Offline Shop - Open store and exit game. (unlimited)
  • Achievements - Complete achievements and receive rewards.
  • Wedding - Npc located in Giran Temple.
  • Champion - Stronger monsters with drop x5 and lifestone.
  • Pvp/Pk Color Name/Title - 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 7500 10000
  • Automatic server restart at 07:00.


Game Shop

  • Equipment up to grade B is obtained by adena.
  • Equipment up to grade A is obtained by adena and farm.
  • Equipment up to grade S is obtained by custom craft or drop.
  • All consumables are available from the npc global trader.


Exchange Shop

  • Exchange s-grade jewelry for boss jewelry, remaining their status.
  • The exchange system requires pollen to operate.
  • Pollens can be obtained in farm zones or Raid/Epic bosses.



  • .adena - Turns gold bar into adena.
  • .goldbar - Turns adena into gold bar.
  • .expon - Allow exp/sp gain.
  • .expoff - Block exp/sp gain.
  • .ontime - How many hours of play you have.
  • .checkontime - How many hours of play the target have.
  • .time - Displays the server time.


Clan & Alliance

  • Max. 40 members. (main clan)
  • Royals and Knights disabled.
  • Penalties disabled.
  • Max. 1 clan per alliance.
  • All skills are available at level 5.


Castle Siege

  • Sieges take place every 2 weeks on Sundays.
  • Minimum clan level 4 to register.
  • Maximum of 10 clans on each side.
  • Lord's crown with custom status.
  • Sieges prize 250 donation coins.


Olympiads & Hero

  • Period ends always Monday.
  • Battles daily from 20h to 00h.
  • Class-based battles are disabled.
  • Min. 5 players required to start games.
  • Hero status and skills retail.
  • Hero's crown with custom status.



  • Capture the Flag - The team that captures the most flags wins.
  • Death Match - The player who killer the most wins.
  • Team vs Team - The team that killer the most wins.


The events take place daily from 12h to 00h, every 2 hours.


Pvp Zone

  • The server's PvP zone is activated daily at 12:30, 18:30 and 00:30.
  • For each kill in the pvp zone you will receive a pvp coin.
  • Collect pvp coins and exchange for items at the global trader.


Soul Crystals

Stage 11 & 12

  • Tyrannosaurus and Anakazel (level 68). (party one random)
  • All Raid Bosses listed on the website, except Ember. (full party)

Stage 13

  • Anakazel (level 78). (party one random)
  • All Epic Bosses listed on the website and Ember. (full party)


Raid Bosses

All Raid Bosses respawn in 12h/24h, except Barakiel (4h).
All Raid Bosses listed on the website are in chaotic zones, except Uruka.

All Epic Bosses are in chaotic zones.
  • Antharas respawn in 7~9 days.
  • Baium respawn in 5~7 days. (random 15 minutes)
  • Core respawn in 1~2 day(s).
  • Frintezza respawn in 2~3 days. (random 15 minutes)
  • Orfen respawn in 1~2 day(s).
  • Queen Ant respawn in 1~2 day(s).
  • Valakas respawn in 8~10 days.
  • Zaken respawn in 2~3 days.


NPCs - NPCs The weapons, armor and accessories are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment.
Raid & Grand Boss - Some Raid and Grand Bosses have drops and modified status. The drops and strength of Raid and Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level.
Major Arcana Robe Set - WIT+1, INT+1, MEN-2, Magic attack +5%, Casting Spd. +15%, Speed +7, magic cancel rate -50%, stun vulnerability -50% and weight limit +5759.
Shining Bow Shaft (spoil) - Iblis of Destruction (Forge of the Gods - lower level), Triol's Believer (Pagan Temple).

All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail or were considered irrelevant.

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April 5, 2020 at 12:00


Our BETA will start on April 5th at 12:00 pm.

It will be 2 days for you to know the characteristics of the server and prepare for our grand opening.
Any questions we will be available in our: Email, Facebook and Forum. 



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On 4/23/2020 at 9:48 AM, DukeAwesome said:

Please try to avoid double posts!

If you want to post a video or updates you have to follow the bump rules.

Good luck to your project !

Really, I didn't think straight, it was just to edit the first reply with the other videos. :thankyou:

Sad that I don't have the option to delete those last two and edit / add them all in the first reply. :poker:










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  • 3 months later...

We have reached the end of another MEMORABLE season.

It was just over 5 months of a lot of PvP and fun.


We made a compilation with some of the videos that were not posted (as there were many), for you to remember a little of everything that happened this year.
(other videos have already been published on Facebook, as well as on our Instagram and Youtube)


We thank all of you who participated and made this, "the best server of the year", once again!


As there are many requests for a new season, we leave the following question:


Do you want a 2nd season? Or should we only return next year / 2021? Comment!



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  • Maxtor unpinned this topic
Posted (edited)

😎 Do you want to start in the best possible way?
💥 New characters will gain 48-hour VIP status.
Event started today (07/04) until Sunday (11/04).
👉 Don't waste any more time and take advantage of this opportunity!
🌐 https://L2Free.org/



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