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Coronavirus Poll.

Do you think Coronavirus Sars-Cov2 real or not?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think Coronavirus Sars-Cov2 real or not?

    • Yes of course its real.
    • No its all fake.
  2. 2. Do you think Coronavirus Sars-Cov2 is made in lab?

    • Yes, its made in laboratory.
    • No its from nature.

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This is just simple question. Nowadays a lot of conspiracy theories are said. What is true? Vote and if you want reply your thoughts. 

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  • Maxtor pinned this topic

how out of touch someone has to be to call it fake? basic biology education teaches about viruses and bacteria

we had hundreds of these in human history and new will come after this one.


It didn't had to be created in the lab (but ofc could), viruses mutate/evolve in the wild just like anything other than rock, it really doesn't take a lot for something non-harmful become deadly in few mutation cycles.


Conspiracy theories are mostly spread by lack of education.

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  • 1 year later...

Soooo much I would like to say about this, but it doesn't give me xp... 😆


First of all, it's not fake. That part, is obvious. The virus exists and it's deadly, in certain circumstances.


There are a lot of things though that are fake and I don't mean the conspiracy theories / fake news.


Yes, there is a lot of misinformation and a lot of speculation. But also, the numbers that are published everyday are absolutely not accurate! And this has been verified. How the whole situation has been handled by media and governments is simply absurd. A lot of information that is not in the interest of the big pharmaceuticals / companies / banks etc, is being constantly filtered. And no, this is not a theory. I work inside that field so, I know what's being shown to the public and what not. Media is the main tool of control nowadays and it is being used in its full potential in this Covid thing.


The way it is being used in order to mass control population is scary. And I'm not referring only to the present but also to what it will bring in short-mid term. There is no freedom of choice nowadays or freedom of speech. Everything that passes on the TV or news channels is taken as the absolute truth and people don't even dare to question that. And I don't blame them because again, if they go on google, later on, and try to research some other source, it has already been filtered accordingly (this is not a theory, it happens every second). You should be free to say "this is a scheme and we are all being manipulated", without being ridiculed and excluded the very next moment. Following the same topic, there's almost no need for police nowadays. Society itself is controlling. People make sure to criticize and to condemn everything that is not according to the labels established and proliferated by the media. Example: where I live, people don't necessarily need to wear masks on the street, even though it is STRONGLY advised by the media to do so. If you decide to walk around without the mask, people that are following those advises look at you and criticize you and there are even cases of physical aggression towards the "black sheep".


If we stop for a minute to think in who's interest would it be to question these numbers and to present other information than the one given by the media, what would be the answer? Who would be behind the scenes making money by wanting people to have their rights back?


Now, stop for another minute and think about who would be interested to continue making money and massively controlling population, depriving it from its freedom of choice, speech and movement.



No mask, no entry.



No vaccine, no job.


Someday soon:

No microchip, no rights.

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