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Website: https://l2gracia.com/


20 March: Grand Opening


We are pleased to invite you to our Line][age II Gracia Final Server.
- Best 1x Server | NO Donation system of any kind | NO Customs | Buffer 2H
- On our server is play to win no pay to win
- Items can be acquired only by  Craft, Spoil, Drop, Quest, RaidBoss

- Experience/SP Rates are retail x1.
- Drop/Spoils/Adena rates are retail x1,

- Gear up to C-grade can be purchased with adena. Visit the GMSHOP to purchase gear.
- Weapons are sold clean, SA's need to be added normally with crystals.
- Shots still C grades and consumables can be purchased from GMSHOP but B/A/S Shots by crafting
- Top s84 items are retail like ...craft/drop/quest/RaidBoss

- 65% success rate for gear enchantment, safe enchant +3, max enchant armor +16/weapon +20
- Augmentation chance to get a skill - Mid Stone: 30%, High Stone: 45%, Top Stone: 60%.
- Skills are auto learned.
- Normal buffs still 74 lvl have 2 hours duration NPC Buffer
- Max buff slots, 24+4, 12 Dance/Song.
- Prophecies from 3rd class (like COV) have 4 minutes
- Forgotten Skills need their proper books to learn.

- 1st and 2st Class quest not required,
- Quest will  be required  for 3rd class.
- Subclass quest required.
- Noblesse quest required.

and much more.. visit our website, www.l2gracia.com !


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