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[L2J] L2Hindemith

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  After play Lineage2 since the beginning i decided to start L2Hindemith servers project with the sole idea to offer to all players of Lineage2 profesional(vps host +ddos protection) servers for long term of course .



 - Opening on 20 January L2Pride server gracia final ( all modes and features from old pride are working + some improvement ) http://l2-pride.com/


- Opening on 5 February  L2Dinasty  Hi5



                                 Br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.jpg Experience (EXP) : 500x          etc_jewel_box_i00.png Drop Items : 3x
                                 Br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.jpg Skill Point (SP) : 500x                skill0254.png Spoil : 5x
                                 etc_adena_i00.png Adena:300                               
 Customs :

-Max level 95 

- Custom and Unique class balance 

-  Custom skills from lvl 85 to 95 


- On 1st march L2Hindemith interlude


                                 Br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.jpg Experience (EXP) : 100x          etc_jewel_box_i00.png Drop Items : 3x
                                 Br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.jpg Skill Point (SP) : 100x  


Classic Interlude pvp server No custom items beside dynasty  . site updated











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