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Help Importing utx to Icon.utx (last step of icon editing)

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I have trouble finishing the edit of Nobless icon (which is in Icon.utx, ID 1323)

I followed a guide from here, but I cannot figure out how to include my newly made .utx into the Icon.utx file.


I used L2ViewUTX to find my icon, then saved it as DDS

I opened it with Photoshop, changed the color, saved it as TGA

I opened UnrealED, imported my TGA, compressed as DXT1, saved as uxt

I encrypted the utx file

I opened skillgrp.dat with L2 File Edit and changed the name of .utx used for the ID 1323 to the name of my newly made .utx


Now how can I import the utx of the skill into Icon.utx ?

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Did you open Icon.utx with L2Editor or plain UnrealED?


I would use L2Editor

Encode with this


Remove the original icon, import the new one, name it properly, save... encode... it should work.

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