[L2OFF] L2 Rumble

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GRAND OPENING ON 20. 12. 2019 20:00 GMT+1

BETA STARTS STARTS ON 10. 12. 2019 20:00 GMT+1


I am honored to introduce you our new project L2 Rumble We are tired of many servers that wipe every 3 months so we created own project. L2 Rumble will be long-therm project that will run in several phases.

>>1st phase will be fully retail with NPC Buffer<<

>>2nd phase and all other phases will bring new epic bosses, new items, new loactions and instances<<

 Server rates

>>XP: 15x<<

>>SP: 15x<<

>>Adena: 10x<<

>>Drop: 10x<<

>>Spoil: 10x<<

>>Quest adena/XP/SP: 7x<<



Rumble Merchant

This NPC have 3 sections

>>Vote section<<

Life Stones, SA Crystals, Enchants, Giant´s Codex

>>Donate section<<

Quest items, Hair Accesory, RB Items(blooded fabric, portal stone etc...)


Here you can buy premium account



>>Enchant chance - 66%<<

>>Safe Enchant +3<<

>>Max enchant +16<<

>>Custom enchant colors<<



>>Queen Ant - 24h +2h<<

>>Core - 36h +2h<<

>>Orfen - 36h + 2h<<

>>Zaken - 48h + 2h<<

>>Baium - 120h + 4h<<

>>Antharas - 192h + 4h<<

>>Valakas - 264h +2h<<

>>Frintezza - 48h +4h<<

>>Sub RB (Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda) - 16h +4h<<

>>Barakiel - 16h +4h<<



>>Buffs are retail like<<

>>No MP Potions<<

>>No GM Shop<<

>>NPC Buffer (buffer lvl 74)<<

>>Olympiad period 2 weeks<<

>>Every new character have top no grade equip and 1000 shots<<

>>Website statistics of TOP PVP/PK<<


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