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L2 Anicca is quick PvP server with new dimension of fun - it is totally different from regular PvP servers
This mod makes constant change and you can still be the best even after server running long time
To get the best equipment fully enchanted you need only 4 - 8 days or 1 - 2 if you have maxed out your account level
You can die for real which means you will be forced to make new character
There are some bonuses which are assigned to account which helps to get quicker full equipment

There are many changes that supports playing for fun!

No equipment for donation! Donation is limited for each month just for server maintenance!

This server is purely made for fans of L2!


For information about grand opening visit discord channel "server-information"

* Almost all skills enchantment has been changed and buffed

* Most PvP skills have been changed and adjusted to this kind of mode

* Debuff chance has been reworked

* 34 buff slots

* Max level 85 (more HP/CP/MP)


* Enchant scrolls:

    - max is 25, but there is one event which gets 2 random people and winner gets +1 for weapon and this is unlimited

    - when blessed fails it neither break weapon nor downgrade enchant

    - when crystal fails it doesn't break weapon and downgrades to minimum (+4)


* Skills enchantment:

    - some skills are changed some added for example UD can be enchanted to have 7k P.Def/M.Def at +30 or the other path that allows you to walk, the higher the level the lower penalty; other example is rapid shot that can be upgraded to attack spd. x3 for few seconds

    - I added a blessed BoG = when skill fails it doesn't downgrade but this item is consumed if you have in inventory

    - until level 20 you don't need BoG

    - enchanting skills is limited to level of your account aka "Soul"

    - skills upgraded into "Cost" reduces significantly MP usage and for each +1 level mana is reduced

    - other upgrades increases stats only on lvl 1,11,21,27,28,29,30


* Duel is reworked:

    - to participate you need gold and winning player/team gets it

    - every day by participating you can earn up to 12 medals which are for items in gm shop

    - whenever you win you have a chance to get blessed enchants = for each person in party is 1% higher chance, this is without limit


Base concept for this modification is that economy is cyclical rather than going all the time up. Why? This prevents a scenario where it isn’t worth for new players to join a server because they wouldn’t have a chance to be the best one. Cyclical economy makes people raise and fall. To make it happen I introduced real death – it means that player can die and lose everything – player have to make a “new character”.


However I added a “Soul” to the account so each time it is easier to make a progress and get fully enchanted equipment and skills. Developing “Soul” skills like more exp, more drop, higher enchant chance etc. is permanent even when player dies for real - unless he decide to exchange this progress for huge amount of additional life. Not every death from PvP/PK means you have to create new character. Each player has limited life points and every time he dies in certain conditions he lose one. Once he reaches 0 life he can’t revive which means he is dead for real.


Everything is made that a single character can achieve everything in 4 – 8 days of playing or in 1 – 2 days if he has maxed “Soul” skills. Players with low level “Soul” has bonus exp and drop rate so they don’t have to develop “Soul” in order to be the best but they have to be more careful to not to die. So there is a game-play for both groups – these who want to play longer and these who want to play just for few days and still have a good chance in PvP.


* Symbols are buffed, Noblesse skills are reworked and buffed, all skills witch need seeds are reworked and buffed

* Every class is able to farm and adjusted to this mode except buffers - they are useless here


* Hero weapon has same stats as +22 S weapon

* There are neither MP nor HP pots - you can get herbs from mobs or simply /sit

* /sit regenerate HP/MP/CP x15


* Summons are buffed - there is one which cost you A grade crystal and is for beginning and there is a one which cost S grade crystal = this one can be enchanted

* Enchanting summons significantly increases stats (also for dwarf)

* 6 Tattoo's, 4 of them are for defence and 2 obtainable from mob are for attack


* You can build yourself for evasion so autoattack will hardly hit you

* Mages deal high damage but they can be easily killed with enchanted skills for ex. gladiators combo

* However if there will be group of mages (they can use seed skills and noblesse) there is need a tank to kill them


* Apella is added with better stats than S grade set

* Trade is disabled for some items and S grade -> your items are destroyed when you die for real so you can't transfer them just before death to other char

* Different rate for death from PvP / PK / Clan War

* Shift + click on someone = his basic statistics

* Shift + click on self = your soul statistics and more

* Shift + click on mob = see drop list -> spoil is 3x compared to normal drop

* Rebirth = when you have lvl 85 you use item from gm shop - your lvl downgrade and you get 1 life part item (5 items = 1 additional life)

* Soul progresses only when characters has at least 82 lvl

* More clan points from clan wars


* Herbs are being autopicked

* When you drop herb of speed from mob you get boost of speed for few seconds

* When you are lvl 1 and you kill gremlin you get lvl 76, so exping means getting from lvl 76 to lvl 85


* There is item for clan reputation in gm shop or from mobs

* Epic jewellery can be obtained from mob - his HP doesn't regenerate so you can do it solo but you will need more time

* Epic jewellery is a little bit boosted


* Mobs respawn after few seconds

* Big Boom summon makes a really big boom

* Few symbols has doubled range for their effect and they only need battle/magic symbol to be used  (but they can't be bought from shop)


* There are few events and all of them get random players

* There are 2 types of mobs - daytime (beasts) and nighttime (undeads)

* For each 100 enchant points (ex. helmet+20,weapon+10, etc..) when you die you get additional 1 life for new character


* Unstuck is 1 min and all soe or back to village points to Ivory Tower

* Points from olympiad are increased so you can afford buying blessed enchants for it

* There is a score system which will give rewards in future for top players every 24h


* At olympiad you get buffs which you added to scheme buffer to tab called "event"

* Subclasses are dissabled

* When you "reincarnate" (creating new character) for the same class you will get +1 level each time you do it (so you can have 84 lvl after you die after few reincarnations on the same class) but it resets when you choose another class


* Descriptions for mob is correct (if there is a symbol that it has vulnerability it really has)

* You can do Hard Reset (when you are dead shift +click on self) = you lose all progress from "soul" but you get huge amount of life points

* And more...





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