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[L2J] L2E-Global

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Clash of two legends
On annual Gracia Final.




This is - Gracia Final x7 by E-Global
1 November, 2019
Webiste: l2e-global.com


Dear friends!
One more year have passed and that means it is time to plug your devices and enjoy the astonishing event on our gaming platform Lineage 2: Gracia Final!
This year our team has made really colossal work on updating Interlude, Gracia Final and Glory World (GvE) products.
From your perspective this might look that we are trying to master all at once and spend so much energy which usually means you can't do everything perfect.
However we have our our imagination how we want to develop E-global project and why it is important to work with different products instead of working with only one.
As an example: all our features and fixed bugs from Epilogue server will be applied to Gracia Final server.
We wanted to thank you once again for choosing our project and support our team. Your support is a motivation for us to work harder and better!




As you know, autumn Gracia Final on E-global opens every year and every year we are trying to surprise you and create the best server without any comparable alternatives.
This year is not an exeption and if someone thought that last year was the most epic, we are glad to inform you that this year we have prepeared something really epic.
This is legendary communities and about their war knows almost every player and they still arguing about their wins and their strengths.



(click) . (click)




A lot of players knows that we are never stop and always working to give you best gaming product, because we understand that product which was ok 10 years ago, does not work well these days. We have put all our energy into developing, testing and prepearing new systems on different servers, which we are ready to include in Gracia Final.
So what awaits you?

  • New game client - Grand Crusade. Changes are: modern interface and optimisation suitable for nowadays hardware.
  • New instance and daily quest - Zaken. Description
  • New event "King of the Hill" - capture locations, prove that you are the best and put your name on the map, find your enemies and don't let them capture territories. Description
  • Gracia continent. We have reworked SoI to give you a portion of additional game content, but don't be too glad, Ekimus will drain your powers and will make you sweat.




Our events attract ths most powerful communities and always causes epic fights.
But E-global and Gracia Final it's not only top clans of "bigwar" and 24/7 exausting fights.
On our project any player can find it's own place in the world of Lineage 2. Doesen't matter what do you like more, killing opponents being a member of a strong group or farming level 40 catacombs - there is place for everyone. Clan unity system motivates players to form clans and small communities which turns boring gameplay into social activity and more fun.
King of the Hill event stimulate players to capture locations together and fight against enemies, no matter how powerful rival is.




That might sound cliche but it's 2019 and everyonve clearly understands that many players are used to spend their money as well as earn money in this game.
It's often causes much drama, bans and groups disbands.
We want to introduce you Ingame Auction, that available in account CP.
Choose wisely and don't upset the seller or buyer.




Our Gracia Final traditionally opens in autumn and launches was in September and October. This was due to a huge number of factors that affect the success of the server. This year we are taking into account all the circumstances and waiting for you on our Gracia Final server at the end of October 2019!
This is about war in the most loved MMORPG of CIS and Europe, a lot of players will gather.
Join us!


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19 hours ago, MattSullivan said:

@ExtraVirgin So this is L2j, or L2off? On the site and here is completely different information.


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