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WTS I will sell the interface for interlude

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Good evening forum.

I want to bring to your attention an updated Interface for chronicles

Skype: iPerfect_Dev


A short list of what is in the interface:

2. Buttons switch languages when entering the game.
3. A quick party to the target.
4. Fast trade on taguet.
5.Lock chat.
6.Locking experience.
7. Sorting inventory.
8.Shift inventory items to chat.
9. Removing stack items from inventory while holding Alt.
10. Enlarged macro window.
11. Added new icons for macros as on Classic 105 pieces.
12. The macro cycle is implemented when you right-click on it.
13.Display the name of the skill from LS when aiming at a weapon.
14. Overlaying the frame on the icon when inserting drugs into the weapon.
15. The number of Shortcuts tabs has been increased to 6.
16. Expandable main chat.
17. Extensible chat systems.
18. Displays the sharpening level in the sharpening window.
19.Display of sharpening level of dressed items, also during sale, exchange, etc.
20. When using sharpening, it shows only the necessary grade.
21. Removing buffs via Alt + Click.
22. Added VK button to the menu.
23. Added Donut button in the menu.
24. Window Auto-use HP / MP / CPU.
25. Auto-use window of soulshots.
26. Changed the location of the option buttons at the entrance.
27. Resized options windows.
28. Implemented premium mapping as on HF.
29. At premium, the player has a button with additional Life Stone insertion options.
30. Added an additional tab to the options.
31. The windows of Skills, Status, Clan, etc. as on Cassic chronicles.
32. Exit / Relogin from the game as on the Classic Chronicles.
33.XP Bar is now on Calssic Chronicles.
34. Windows of party members as on Calssic chronicles.
35. Reworked options window.
36. The menu status now displays an icon when you are a nobleman and when you are a hero.
37. The character profession icon and the name of his class are added to the target
38. Implemented clicking on links through buttons in the game (without affecting the server side).
39. Implemented inventory as on Classic chronicles with cells for item types.
40. Implemented the movement of party members in the party window.
41. Warehouse windows are enlarged and redone.
42. Implemented link navigation (without affecting the server core)

42. Chat transparency
43. Shortcut transparency
44. Output damage to the screen (As a classic)
45. Output spoil passing on the screen
46. Displaying the passage of the debuff on the screen
47. Character statistics
48. Group management buttons (change leader and banish)
49 Noblesse in Debuff
50. Arcana Turn in Debuff
51. Buff Icon Size
52. The output of the strip of caste skills.
53. Enabling the optional Community Board button.
54. Real time display
55. New Radar as on Classic chronicles.

1.Character info window changed:
Window moved from the chronicles above.
There is a display of Hero and Nobless icons.
Each class also has its own icon.


2.Skills window changed:

3.Clan window changed:

4.Action window changed:

5.Map window changed:

6.Inventory changed:
Sorting items has been added to inventory.
Added quick removal of items (including stacks).
Shift subject to chat
Shows: Name / Sharpening / SA / Quantity.
Saves chat prefix and text.





7.Macro window changed:

The number of macros created has been increased to 24.
The range of icons has also been expanded - a choice of 105 icons from the L2 Classic!



8.Multi-language feature added:

Switching is possible as in the game in the options tab.
So when entering the game, switching is done by clicking on a certain flag.



9.Menu window changed:
Implemented all the main windows that are called from the new menu.



10.Changed the Restart / Exit Menu window L2 Classic:
The window is made as on the chronicles above.
In it you can see how much Adena and Experience gained per game.



11.Increased the number of Shortcut Sockets:
Increased to 6.



12.Chat Changed:
Now the chat can be stretched, in addition to this, a chat lock button has been added.
It is also optionally possible to set transparency for it.



13.System Menu L2 Classic:
Now the menu has a private shop, group, friends, clan, etc.
In the Services tab: A site, etc., is added at the request of the buyer.



14.Added a new tab in the options:
In this tab, you yourself can choose what you need for a comfortable game.



15.ExpBar L2 Classic:
Also here there is a button Mail, Clan, search for party members.
To choose, display adena or display the PVP / PC counter and display the number of occupied cells in the inventory.



16.Party window:
Optionally, you can enable party management.
Namely, the conclusion of the buttons on the transfer of the party leader and the expulsion from the party.



17.Moving Party Memberships:
Now, as on modern chronicles, the function of moving party members in a window is available by holding down the Alt key.
Now you do not have to reassemble the Party to arrange the members.



18.Enchant Window:
Now you can immediately see the sharpening level of the item.
In the sharpening window, it displays only the grade equal to the sharpening itself.



19.Minimap L2 Classic 2.0: Antharas:
Optionally. You can remove it in Option, thereby returning the standard Interlude radar.
All standard Minimap functions are available: Goal Search and Party Pember Search.
You can: pin / unpin your location relative to the center, make the Mini Map transparent,
Increase or decrease it (256/512)



20.Damage output to screen:
You can enable or disable this feature in the options.



21.Bar casta L2 Classic:
You can enable or disable this feature in the options.



22.Auto Use Potions:



23.Life Stone:
Now when you insert a drug into a weapon, it acquires a frame around the icon.
For greater convenience, when you hover the mouse over the icon, it displays the skill caught in the weapon.



24.Character status:
Added displaying the status of the character Nobleman / Hero.



Added 2 buttons, quick party invitation and offer of trade.
The icon of the character’s profession and its status as a Nobleman / Hero are also displayed.



Removing buffs via Alt + Click
Implemented premium mapping as on the chronicles above.
Additional features for premium characters (optional)
And much more.....

Edited by iPerfect

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1.Updated inventory window.

Able to stretch.

Added bookmarks you need:

All - is all objects.

Equipment - items of equipment: weapons, armor and jewelry.

Consumables - consumables: potions, elixirs, scrolls, arrows and dummies.

Craft - everything related to crafting: resources, pieces and recipes.

Quest - quest items.

Displays the sharpening level of the item.

  • image.jpg


2.Automatic Soulshot / Blessed Spiritshot

Automatically inserts existing soulshots.

Also Soulshots for pets.

  • Soulshot.jpg


3.Options window

  • New-Option.jpg


4.Information about monsters and RB

When you press Shift + Left click, a window appears with the quantity and chance of both drop and Spoil items.

Displays the icon of each item.

  • image.jpg


5.Updated party members window



6.Macro Cycle
Right click on a macro.
Now the macro will run in a circle until you turn it off by right-clicking again.
The looped macro does not go astray by any action!



7.Implementation of the Macro Cycle on the Shortcut panel.

Edited by iPerfect

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