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WTS [US Netherwind] World of Warcraft Classic | Alliance

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Selling gold on Netherwind server. (Alliance):

100gold - 25 usd

stock 1200g










Discord: CowOnMars#2179

Skype -    CowOnMars    



Accept: PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi


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    • Hi everyone, needless to say mistakes were made and the server suffered as a result. It started out as a positive, we reached 300+ members on our server (no dualbox remember), discord had similar numbers and the facebook page was doing well.   As you all know one of the fundamental aspects for a Lineage II server to work is that it has a reasonable amount of players. It is essential for the gameplay that there is a market, groups for leveling and go for Raids, clans for sieges, etc. Se
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    • Dear Players,   We are so excited that this moment has come and finally we opened our classic server ! Many new features , stable client new visualizations and more are waiting for you to enjoy. We wish you much fun and success conquring.
    • Server will be LIVE today 10th of July, at 20:00 CET, there is a counter on our website.   We're keeping the server as close as possible to retail as possible while maintaining things interesting enough to avoid drawing people of server because of boredom reasons. Server is designed to hold however many players would join, for those interested here are some details: AMD EPYC with 64GB ECC DDR4 Ram and dual 2TB nVME SSDs, guaranteed bandwidth 1Gbps. Server is located in Western Eur
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