[L2J] L2Mafia - Ken Orwen

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On 9/26/2019 at 9:17 AM, KIDutz said:

Best pvp experience i ever had. can't wait to play again :D


KIDutz > 18.800 PvP

Thank you KIDutz , it would be our pleasure to join us again!


On 9/26/2019 at 6:23 PM, Red-Hair-Shanks said:

when you have spend most of your money to mykonos and you come back to take them back :troll:


good luck dimis ,if i have time i will join in the opening

 i wont comment  the first part xD , 

thank you so much  for your wishes!

23 hours ago, MrPro* said:

maybe he wants the money for another island now :D 

nah , im too old for that!


23 hours ago, Celestine said:

waiting to see if you push any 9v9 event

we dont use to do so , 

but we maybe try to make it for first time, since i already know many cps  love it.

22 hours ago, Iordanov said:


Best of luck @Dimis4, if you manage to do such a thing count on meh.

Thank you Jordan once more

 , about the 9v9 see the reply to celestine above.

21 hours ago, Makdam said:

What year Ken Orwen opened for first time Dimis? 2010? am i right?

L2mafia exists since late 2005 ken orwen first launched after 2 years so it was 2007

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1 hour ago, tsev said:

Enchanting is way too easy 

Thanks for posting your observation ,  but please let me correct you a little bit. Enchant rates are easy , enchanting no.  In order to enchant you need scrolls and believe me its not something you can obtain so easy.

let me give you a more detailed post about our enchant system:


Edited by Dimis4

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3 Days Left Before Server Opening , Closed Beta Will Take Place Tomorrow ( It will be more for people who want to check the server before join and less for debugging purposes since our server its tested online for quite a few years ). 

In order to participate in closed beta please leave me a pm.

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