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Website: http://l2avalon.net/index.php?was=info


Hey guys, yesterday our x6 Low Rate Interlude Server started into Beta-Phase [till 27.09.2019]


we would like to invite you to improve and also have fun on our Server! on 27.09.2019 GRANDOPENING!




Interlude L2jAcis Server


Spoil x6

Stackable Items (Scrolls etc.) 


Normal Buffs: 1 hour

Dances/Songs: 10 minutes

No Custom / oldschool

Class Master, No Spellbooks needed



>>> NO DONATIONS <<<, and thats one of the things we would like to get in front of other Servers! We dont want any Money from you! We want you to Have fun with us! nothing else and thats why our Server won't need any Donations! Its our Hobby! 

This Server will last longer than most Servers out there  (since every Server closed in 2 weeks after some donations)


We want to get that oldschool feeling back! Maybe you remember us from the biggest German L2 Interlude Servers (L2 Gaimach und Strider)


Website gets reworked (Template right now), we arent the best in php/html etc. but, we can convice you in our development skills! ;-)


I hope you give it a try and join our Server today!! :) 







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what kind of beta is this?xDput a gm shop with weaps/armor ss etc for the beta....who gonna craft for a beta?need to check other things and quests on some lvls....

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52 minutes ago, LuckySt1305 said:

better more slots and items 1-1 missed the classic l2....1-1 scrolls.bogs etc was so nice!

what do you mean by items 1-1? maybe we can help out!


btw. Custom Npcs added for Beta phase! you can join now and test! GL 

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4 hours ago, LuckySt1305 said:

i mean all that all servers have scrolls bogs books and ls in 1 inventory slot

LS (10) etc...better 1-1 :D 1 ls 1 slot 1 scroll 1 slot etc

i understand, we are working on it! 


also server is back on now! 

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  • Psyancy changed the title to [L2J]L2 AVALON
18 hours ago, fireonme said:

guys nice project but if u can check about stuck spellbooks and etc cause with 80 slots u can get easy full :) 

trust me, on x6 rates, its not that easy to get full... but we are working on stuck, btw. we are gonna delete spellbooks, cuz they are  unnecessary

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Stackable Items are working for Grand opening, also Bufftime changed to normal buffs = 1 hour, Dances/Songs 10 minutes!


We worked with some Bugs we fixed now, thats why we couldnt install a GM Shop yet. Sorry for that! Gonna get it in today!


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