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Make bots irrelevant.

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3 minutes ago, Tryskell said:


Going in that way you can say botters actually HELP economy on low rates (lower the rate, helpful they are - because the amount of mats they offer simply lower prices, making itemization affordable), and therefore they shouldn't be hunted.


I personally think the dualbox system is wrong too. If you want to make a team you play "Granado Espada" or any FF-like game.

Imo allow full boxes.


And no bots don't help by lowering the prices. This "lowering of prices" is the actual problem. No point to farm difficult mats or basic mats bcz of low prices. And some users with "unlimited" scrolls and high ++ benefit un the end only. Which circles us back to "l2 for epics" or "l2 only for mages and titans and archers" which kills server time. Why should I farm 100 eaa in 1-2 days (in a somewhat easy searver) only for a botter to do the same while he sleeps? Who benefits? Yeah I can buy a dc boot+12 but as a non botter what do I sell? Epics?.. You see how fast you can limit server time?

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Some good stuff is starting to come in, imo. 



I saw a server where you could be online with 2-3 clients, but you could only farm with one of them, the others would not receive drops while the "main" client was online. I think that's useful. You could still farm with a single client and keep your box in town for whatever reason (or your summoner or w/e online). 



Yeah, that's a major issue, you cant hand out middle fingers like that to people who are solo or don't participate in group activities for whatever reason. 


I think the Nobless thing could lead to places with some tweaking and refining. Great idea, imo. Example,  as you said you set "Nobless only" quests. Limit these quests on how many times you can do per day (ranging from 1-3 or w/e) for each nobless character. These are your dailies. 


Most mid-rates set nobless to "last hit barakiel". This obviously wouldn't work since you cant block so much essentials for a player based on his luck, as the Nobless Quest-only idea gives new weight to being nobless. But yeah, invest in Nobless that isn't luck based and get access to "Nobless Quests".  


Example, TT farming (would be a Nobless Quest) could be done 2-3 times a day (just from the top of my head) at a high success chance to get a recipe.  Bot rogues on a script are no longer as useful.  


Things like this is what I'm mostly talking about. Instead of having to do that tedious quest 50+ times to get a set of recs, you do it like 10 times in a few days. That is really player friendly, imo.  People can keep farming these dailies after to sell on market for players who joined on a later date and wand to catch up, or people who seek to over-enchant. 


Something like Pagans could be restricted to Nobless-Only quest too. Once a day per Nobless character. 

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Mr Zero


All of those things are easily baypassable and only hasle to "real players". You do that on a low server (TT recs) and you'll see nothing but npc as the economy will go to the trash bin..


And you need to decide what you ask.

A. Ways to make bots irrelevant or

B. Ways to limit bots

2 very different questions.

And choose a rate bcz everything you change affects the game 1 way or another.. This closes down TT market for example. Leaving epics being even more desirable as you can't ++ TT. So what can you do to balance that? Etc etc etc


But to answer to anything you need 1 question. Not 2. Pick one. As you write now I see you have them confused and try to find ways to limit them without antibot. Not the question you asked "ways to make them irrelevant". And all of those things so far mentioned are easily baypassable..

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B since A seems unrealistic, and mostly via features, not standard protection. 


Anything between x20-x100 seems more appropriate for including customized mechanics. So typical mid-rate I suppose.  

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Discussions like this one are pointless for several reasons.

The first discussion should be about the parasite servers and how exactly forums like this one will promote skilled developers/admins.

Nowadays servers last for like 3 weeks with borderline "decent" files and no changes before reopening.People know that the server wont exist after that point.

Why would you grind in a server like this one? Do you have Stockholm syndrome?

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