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What srvr u prefer , L2J or L2Off?

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Everyone greetings , i decided to make a discussion about Lineage 2 . In the future im going to create a Team of developers , and we gonna try creating something new in L2 . My points is that , i've decided to ask you everyone your opinions about Lineage 2 rates/ gameplay / everything you could say about L2, what would you like to see inside a server , and what kind of game play would you prefer log to play . My points is that i wanna gather some opinions , and after that make a desission start to create L2Files with a team . I want to create a sever that everyone of you would like to play in the future , and my point is not creating it for money , i want to create it bcse i like L2 since , i've playing it since 2006 and it's really cool game , but since then , all server's that i've logged in to play,  are really crap , all want to take some money , close it , and re-open it again to take money again . My mission is opening it for me first , and for players that love lineage . 


So , dont get borred please and post some answers , i really wanna gather opinions of you guys , what would you really prefered to play in the future , and what kind of rates/items/ whole server system / etc , would you like to see in-game.



Trully your's , Corv ®






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Hello Corv. 


I think your question a bit too broad due to the many variations of server rates and chronicles. Is there anything in particular you're a bit more passionate about over the others? I mean, in your mind, what would be an ideal server? 


Every variation (at least for rates) has its player base, more or less.


As an old player myself that occasionally revisits L2, I've enjoyed both lower rates and higher rates. 


I think the main problem these days is people have a very short attention span. They jump servers way too often, and project runners are mostly in for the quick money grab. But it's not all their fault, to be fair. People jump way too often and have come to accept the "2-4 week" server culture. While botters have completely ruined the game for me. 


Anyhow, on to your actual question. My ideal server, at the given moment, would be something along the lines of x15 or so. I find the pace acceptable without it being too demanding or too rushing. I'd like it to be kept relatively close to retail game-play. No GM shops, no infinite buff slots, no AIO NPC buffers.  


The last 10 mid rate servers I've joined are the typical "Multi-craft" servers. Where people RUSH everything and NPC conveniences are added. I'm sort of done with that.


On the other hand every time I've joined something like and x5/x7 server I've found myself looking at a big mountain, and failing to climb it. So yeah, for starters, x15 or so would do it for me personally. 












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I find low rate servers too much of a grind to play, especially when you don't have a team. On the other hand, mid-high rate PvP servers make everything too easy and  render useless fundamental L2 features , since they provide pretty much everything for free (mp pots, aio buffer including 3rd class buffs, endgame gear, etc). So imho, an enjoyable server lies somewhere inbetween; low-mid rates (probably around 15x as Tormund stated) who incorporate both grinding and strong incentives to pvp.


Through grinding you should give players the opportunity to build up their characters, be a simple dye or a shirt or whatever custom you can think of.  This gives players a feeling of satisfaction by achieving certain things in-game.


About PvP, not much to say. I find it absolutely necessary, and you should design your server in such way, that pvp action (mass and solo) is strongly encouraged.



Most importantly though, you need to take care of the following two problems:

1) players (clans) who jump to a different server evey two weeks

2) botting


The majority of servers puts strong emphasis on attracting clans while neglecting solo players. Granted, clans provide a lot of action etc, yet their mentality is such that when they lose an epic, they will emo quit. And who will stay behind to support your server? It will be the solo players, so you need to provide enough incentives to them so that they keep playing your server.


Regarding botting, apart from from manual hunting and/or antibot software, you should carefully design your farm system, so that it minimizes the 'value' of botting.



Finally, I believe that introducing a few customs (a new armor or a set of weapons) is beneficial since it helps you prolong the endgame, especially in interlude which lacks content compared to newer chronicles.

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18 hours ago, Blitzkrieg said:

The majority of servers puts strong emphasis on attracting clans while neglecting solo players. Granted, clans provide a lot of action etc, yet their mentality is such that when they lose an epic, they will emo quit. 


Couldn't agree more with King Stannis, especially the part about the emo-quitting clans and their mentality. 

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Everyone thanks for your answers , i got on my mind now at least some ideas and some staff i would like to realize in the future . Maybe im gonna be the one that will open something special after all this crap server last days ) 

Thanks a lot ! )

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Hello Corv.
I certainly want custom/modified L2, pretty far from retail, because retail had many BAD features. One example would be the buff removal skills (removing buffs permanently). Another would be the fact that ppl are forced to open a couple of clients and lvls bots just to have the best buffs possible.
Anyway, i could explain myself and share A LOT more but i wont because none gives u credit for your ideas and in the past i shared ideas and ppl used them but didnt appreciate the one that thought of them. And this is the reason why i wont share ideas in public. If you are interested, we can discuss in private.

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