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just ignore him, the problem begins where he believes somebody will do this for him... then ends that he can actually edit it or smt.

4 minutes ago, Elfocrash said:

Also to address Nighwolf's comments:


  • what version of the framework you use? - It doesn't matter it does
  • what code you have into it? - It doesn't matter it does
  • how poor/good your code is? - It doesn't matter it does
  • what access your code can get inside a user's database? - It doesn't matter it does
  • how to edit this.  - It doesn't matter unless he wants you to edit it it does if somebody wants to edit it properly
  • how malicious your code is? - This is the only valid point. You can still easily find if there any dodgy code in here by decoding the strings and revealing queries or by sniffing the network and detecting weird connections. why do all this when you are not even downloading the thing


Thanks for the share and good luck with your project


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  • 5 months later...

That project is dead ? Impossible to register and download , solved, need min 8 and max 14 signs :)

Heh I get this but is incomplete, is impossible to install for check how is works :(

I dont see anywhere folder ../install/select_language

just get :

The requested URL was not found on this server

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