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report REPORT SCAMMER: ImladriS (Gabrielė Keršytė)

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Greetings admins et all,


As the title says, I want to report a scam. I've made an "one-way" transaction with the guy with maxcheaters account https://maxcheaters.com/profile/221428-imladris/, skype account: malyksiaze82, paypal email: gabrielekersyte03@gmail.com and his name is Gabrielė Keršytė. I paid him in full and I never received neither the items nor the character. I know that I had to make my research about this guy first, but next to me I had my little cousin who was way too happy about this gift (that never happened) and I've done it. Please check my maxcheaters messages and below you can find our skype conversation. I've already requested from my bank and paypal not a refund but to freeze the money and now I'm requesting you to ban this guy from our community here. We do NOT need thieves here! 


Here is our Skype conversation (all times are on EST, now is 11:25PM):


Chrys, 4:17 PM

DD., 4:19 PM

DD., 4:20 PM

Chrys, 4:21 PM
do you also have any jewel set above C, like B or A ?

DD., 4:22 PM
nope, the only item i can get now is dc robe set for sale

DD., 4:22 PM
chars only

Chrys, 4:23 PM

Chrys, 4:24 PM
can you throw some adena to the char? lets say 20m?

DD., 4:25 PM
5 EUR = 30 M works?

Chrys, 4:25 PM

Chrys, 4:25 PM
so all together 55 EUR, right?

DD., 4:27 PM

DD., 4:27 PM

Chrys, 4:29 PM
gimme your paypal email

DD., 4:30 PM
share me like 0 to 15 min

DD., 4:30 PM
10 to 15

DD., 4:30 PM
bcuz ill need my mate to deliver a set

DD., 4:30 PM
im at a job place atm

Chrys, 4:30 PM
sure, let me know when you're ready

Chrys, 4:35 PM
do you have by any chance elixir plus on the cardinal ?

DD., 4:36 PM
Yes, but its expiring soonish

Chrys, 4:37 PM
ok, ill take care of it.

Chrys, 4:38 PM
btw whats the name of the char? its a good one? do you have history in the server? Im asking to see if i have to change it.

DD., 4:39 PM
No history, we are ( were ) randoms :)) The name is 6 Latin letters starting with capital, no digits, no ethnic stuff like latin, greek and so on

DD., 4:39 PM
Ok, we're ready as that

DD., 4:41 PM
gabrielekersyte03@gmail.com - 55 EUR f/f please and once it's sent, share me a screenie please

Chrys, 4:41 PM
sure, doing that now

DD., 4:44 PM

Chrys, 4:44 PM

Chrys, 4:44 PM
do you still want the screenshot ?

Chrys, 4:45 PM
To view this shared photo, check attachments

DD., 4:46 PM

DD., 4:46 PM
checking it now

Chrys, 4:56 PM
everything cool ?

Chrys, 5:13 PM
something is wrong? paypal says everything is done.



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