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Looking for people that willing to spend time in a Gracia final project, PvP and mid farm server. Pm me for more.

+Q: What is Elmeth Project?
-A: It is a team project of Lineage 2 Gracia Final Server.
+Q:What is the mission of the project?
-A: Our mission is to create a balanced custom pvp server with "Medium-chance(chances of drops etc.) farm. The server will use stages/levels(tiers) and every level will acquired by similar farm and *online* effort.
+Q: Do i need experience to be a part of the GM team?
-A: No, all you need is to follow the mission of the team and the rules(Breaking the rules will lead to an immediately ban).

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It took me 4 years, 3 servers, 2 succeed, 3 fails and still under development for that "Gracia Final Project" to make something decent. Don't waste your time you will need maybe 5 developers working for you 24 / 7 to achieve MAYBE something good.

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Thank for your advice @Dev

Well, it is still worthy, since you got experienced from that. 
It is not a job for me to "earn" some money from that. It is a "hobby" we can say. 
I am just willing to find people who are interesting in spending their "free" time in a project with team effort.

*Experience is secondary.


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