Share Interlude interface (Damage on Screen Classic)

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Thank you @Celestine :aproove-smile: I don't play Interlude, but adapted some of the scripts and succesfully made it work in H5. It looks amazing.




PS: for the ones saying that Critical does not show on the screen, yeah, the textures are there but it is not coded.

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On 07/07/2019 at 17:59, aletonda said:

Obrigado @Celestine : aproove-smile: Eu não interpreto o Interlude, mas adaptei alguns dos roteiros e consegui fazê-lo funcionar no H5. Parece incrível.




PS: para os que dizem que Critical não aparece na tela, sim, as texturas estão lá, mas não estão codificadas.


Very good, did you solve this problem?


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On 4/26/2019 at 1:13 PM, Celestine said:

Hello, there i had many pms about sharing something totally clean by Owners/Players so i decided share Interface Clean w/o any modifications like Auto Augment Enchant etc..









Damage On Screen 





Miss/Ressisted etc.




Heal/CP Display..








Download: http://rgho.st/6LlckDfzw

Download Systextures: http://rgho.st/7Kn4W7MJh (If Black Textures) 


if you have Download Problems Reply so i can update my Links


Credits: OpalSnow for the Damage on Screen Job



The download link is broken, could you please upload again?

I would like to have the monster's HP showing on the screen too. Someone have the files to show these damages and the HP? I have no idea how to edit it by myself :(

I've attached an image showing what I mean about HP on screen


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17 hours ago, Nevermind25 said:

hello, someone know how fix the critical msj and the pet inventory? i've tried copying from a retail interface but still not works.

This interface is preety

Fix for inventory



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1 hour ago, Nevermind25 said:

@Celestine how much you want for the fix on this interface? 


what fixes i do not charge for shared stuff 

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1 - Critical hits / Magic Critical Hits are not displayed

2 - The pet inventory doesnt work well, you can put an item but the item cant be moved back to the master inventory


the inventory pet has been fixed in the interface.u shared lately by @Blitzkrieg


Found error:

In both interface.u the damages stay in screen when i kill various monsters with pole, the damages still there although i restart the game.


Edited by Nevermind25
Found Error

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