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21 hours ago, Lin2Dev said:

such fake screenshots with boxes/phantoms wont make people come to play, it makes them go away brah.


Boxes is allowed as on all l2 servers even on official, this is normal. Server does not use phantoms. Check yourself  

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it's a nice server, with good drops/spoils in different zones.

the problem is, it has so low ppl, max 400 online. Hb is kinda empty, only in anomic you see a lot of boters.

Dv it's empty too. 

That Faurion zone is empty too.

Sorry, but this is only my opinion. Feel free to try it for yourself.

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Posted (edited)

Games pretty empty...

Using a false 1200+ in game counter is a bit useless too,clearly you added a 1 in front of everything and bot accounts, you can't find 100+ players *even with shops* let alone 1200+

Xp seems faster than what it's rated at *not really a problem*.

Shop prices and gm shop prices don't match...Some items in regular shops being cheaper and some in gm cheaper.

There is a few people shouting for parties, mostly 7rb, but this is just another low/mid rate with nothing to offer.

Fun fact, the twitch stream banner isn't even accurate to what the server rates are.

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Blind owners...

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On 4/18/2019 at 3:25 AM, L2FIGHT said:

Hello everybody !
We are introducing You the amazing High Five premium server


We have everything what is necessary to give You the best entertainment on a stable server.

Refined files, Interesting events, Balanced Classes, Minimum donations and daily GM support.

Fafurion Zone it's a completely new farm/PvP location with new powerful monsters and new even more powerful Epic Raid Boss.


ytforum.png.64a38d77716e6d1f36aac7b58410f26f.png L2FIGHT PROMO VIDEO ytforum.png.64a38d77716e6d1f36aac7b58410f26f.png

GRAND OPENING 03-05-2019 20:00 GMT+2

Open Beta Test 25-04-2019 20:00 GMT+2







Safe Enchant: +4

Max Enchant: +16

Quest Drop: x2

Quest Reward: x2

Manor: x1.5

Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 50%

Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 60%

Elemental Stone Chance: 40%

Elemental Crystal Chance: 30%


Max Clients per PC:5

Subclass - no quest

Max Subclass - 3

Max Level Sub - 85 LvL

Free Sub-Classes

Auto loot drop for monsters

Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses

Offline Trade

Offline Buffs

Auto learn skills

Vitality System

Master Work Items

Global GK

NPC Buffer scheme

Buff slots: 20 +4 Divine Inspiration

2h duration on almost all buffs

Dance/Song slots: 12

Newbie Help

Vote reward

Stream reward

Achievement system

Weekly Sieges/TWs

Full GMShop until S Grade


Retail olympiad game

Competition period [1] week

Olympiad starts time [18:00] ends [00:00]

Heroes every saturday

Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher than +6 will be reduced to +6 for the duration of the fight.


NPC Buffer with all the important buffs

GM shop up to S grade & consumables

Item Auction House in Alt+B

Global Gatekeeper

Ranking System in ALT+B

Auction House with offers in Donation Pounds in Alt+B

Drop calculator: Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions

Donation Store with limited available options


"Vote Reward Rune"  with a 12h duration.

Adena/ex/sp 5%  and P.Def/M.Def +8%  & P.Att/M.Att +8% works in oly.

Stream Reward System with reward 6 FA every six hours.

For active streamers reward in the from of donate on their twitch.


Team VS Team event

Capture The Flag

Protect the King

Fight for Throne

Last Man Standing

Death Match

Korean Style

Treasure Hunt


Active Bot Hunters

Do not believe to anyone on word...

Convince yourself !!!

Our Page: https://l2fight.com

Our Forum: https://l2fight.com/forum

Our Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Fight

In your video i saw Fafurion like you are advertising in your post.

One quick question: Will you have Leviathan Set too?

Other than that seems interesting and i give props to your choice to bring Fafurion in to the game!

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