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WTB WTB Items/Adena [ TI 0.25$/m Giran 0.25€/m ] Insta Pay !!!

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WTB Adena on:

Talking Island - 0.25$/m

Giran 0.25€/m

Red - 0.7€/m

Instantly Payment !!!

WTB Adena on:

WTB on Talking Island: Frintezza, Antharas, Tali of Baium, TOI 6, Baium 3, Orfen 3, AQ 3, CORE 3
WTB on Giran: TOI 6, Baium 3, Orfen 3, AQ 3, CORE 3



Skype - llesaneda llesaneda.png Facebook -7e92aece4a2be88cba25459b9d8b2fe2-full.jpMaxcheaters - llesaneda.png 

Discord - Pufa#7777 llesaneda.png


- For sellers ( add your goods at ) - llesaneda.png






2092074731_icons8---80.png.2955fa5e53343ef02abf9b522bd30306.png Attention!!! Not to be scammed follow next steps: 312873183_icons8---80.png.a0c97c42048d81b90ff725b280e96244.png


1. Use Skype button to add me in Skype - llesaneda.png

 - If Skype button not work in your browser, do it manually.

 - Pay attention on 2 different Skype logins one of them a scammer!!! 




2. Use Discord button to join my trade group - llesaneda.png

  - Pay attention In Discord you can change your name and # hash-tag

  - So you can see x2 Pufa#7777 in same time.

  - If Pufa#7777 write to you its not 100% me, it can be scammer also...




3. Identify me, always before deal send me code on Maxcheaters PM,

and ask me write this code to you in Skype / Discord / Facebook.


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