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Why removed my thread?

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52 minutes ago, Kara` said:

Also the userInfo.java does not broadcast heading thats why u see other players in random heading.


Storing the heading while charater is teleporting/entering don't uses as feature in any L2J beacause they use Location container only with x,y,z w/o heading. Restoring character heading in entering into the world (for self in any chronicles and for all for before Kamael) - client bug. Checked.

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10 hours ago, Kara` said:

@sotid Don't write bullshit please. If the majority prefer to troll and ruin a place the rest don't really need to follow.

The problem with you guys (including me in past) is that you troll and in the end complain about trolls.@Tryskell

I dont write bullshit , you know very well there is no respect between the majority of the forum members.

"the problem with you guys"
I never disrespected anyone here even when I am getting  mocked or laughed for my knowledge.

Τα υπολοιπα απο skype,απο δευτερα θα σε τιμωρησω που μου μιλας ασχημα με τα fix μου.

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