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WTS Giran classic Tallum hv set / ACC - BD 74 / PrP 65 / HE 71.7

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NCS - L2 classic - Giran


WTS> Prophet 65.41%lvl / Haste, dw, Greater S-M / 2x7day 50% xp runes / elk / can change email. 100EU


WTS> Hawkeye 71.70%lvl / VIP 4 / 9 NCoin / 2x7day 50% xp runes / elk / can change email. 150EU


WTS> Bladedancer 74.12%lvl / VIP 1 / 79 NCoin / 1x7day 50% xp runes / elk / Rara accessory pack 30d / Baium border doll 7day / can change email.


WTS> Branch of the Mother Tree
WTS> destroyer hammer
WTS> A shield dc,nm
WTS> mj ring
WTS> Doom helm +6, Gloves +8

WTS> Sealed Tallum Heavy Set


Write me in skype for more info.

skype - donatas.kkk2

Discord id - 551347947191795726





sorcer 56lvl - SOLD to Pufa

SE 57lvl   - SOLD to   GiranGamer - Op****

WarLord 60 / Se 52lvl - SOLD to 13*********

SE 52lvl - SOLD to GiranGamer - Op****

SE 63lvl - SOLD to johnpapas21 

SPOIL 49lvl - SOLD to somalo

Warlock 64lvl SOLD to Cường

SPH 52 / EE 51 SOLD to babykate

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