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Hello, since many of my clients had problems regarding to webhosting (specifically for acp panels) they did not know that the problem was the hosting company all the way from start.

So for those who are interested in knowing if their host is compatible with their l2off server SQL Server connections this is a simple tool for debugging porpuses.

This tool was originally for my customers to know if their host is supporting my panels.


Create a new file test.php and then add the following code inside, then edit the $host, $user, $pass and open your and you will know what kind of connections you can use simple and easy.

This is not only for newbies its a tool that can help developers in general.

it has been tested in all versions of PHP 5.6+ and it works.


successfull message looks like this:

it will print few names from database.


It uses 5 kind of connection types mssql_connect, sqlserver_connect, odbc_connect, PDO (dblib, sqlsrv, odbc), mysqli_connect


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1 hour ago, PARADISE said:

Useful, but phpinfo() is always your friend

yes, phpinfo is also included, plus this is for hosts that say that support this functions but actually not, i've seen this many times, this is the actual test if the functions work or not depending with the apache configuration.

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On 3/4/2019 at 1:43 PM, DenArt Designs said:

Hola, dado que muchos de mis clientes tenían problemas con respecto al alojamiento web (específicamente para paneles de acp) no sabían que el problema era la empresa de alojamiento desde el principio.

Entonces, para aquellos que estén interesados en saber si su host es compatible con las conexiones de su servidor l2off con SQL Server, esta es una herramienta simple para depurar los servidores.

Esta herramienta fue originalmente para que mis clientes sepan si su host es compatible con mis paneles.


Cree un nuevo archivo test.php y luego agregue el siguiente código en su interior, luego edite $ host, $ user, $ pass y abra su sitio y sabrá qué tipo de conexiones puede usar de manera simple y fácil .

Esto no es solo para los novatos, es una herramienta que puede ayudar a los desarrolladores en general.

Se ha probado en todas las versiones de PHP 5.6 + y funciona.


El mensaje de éxito se ve así:

Imprimirá algunos nombres de la base de datos.


Utiliza 5 tipos de tipos de conexión mssql_connect, sqlserver_connect, odbc_connect, PDO (dblib, sqlsrv, odbc), mysqli_connect



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This script for admins who don't know how to check, install and configure extensions for PHP.


If you need usage MS SQL, obvious what for PHP need extension "php_mssql.dll". For other cases the same. Basically the PHP package contains only commonly used extensions that are suitable in 80% of cases.


Damn, people! Enable the brains.

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