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4 hours ago, Herlitz said:


It's mostly the failed politics of the servers than chronicle itself. NCwest had real 12k+ at its beginning before they started bending players over. If they weren't greedy they'd still have those, but when they introduce in L2store virtually RB jewels on steroids (-40% MP consumption, lel), it's hard to keep playing there. Right now the best Classic server to play is the Club which is decently populated but the updates take just way too long


People want the Classic, just nobody offered the 100% solution yet. Because let's be honest, Classic is basically a combination of the best of the old chronicles in new UI, it's obvious that it's the future. Sooner or later even Stalonki will realize.

ya, last update classic is like god +++ with kamaels and shits,


if they open c3>h5 they will get more ppl then at classic 



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On 3/17/2019 at 12:56 AM, AchYlek said:

classic mid rate = most bullshit ever ever....


classic balance pvp = like c4 all  debuffs 90% and gg op pvp only spam debuff and win pvp 


thats why h5 hybryd(god client) like asperios got 5k+ppl real  cabrio after 5 days



rift today exping sub



c4 was the most balanced client..


dude for real now this was the most retarded comment about l2 balance i ever seen lol

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