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WTS WTS CHARS IN NA OFF [Talking Island]

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1 Acc**: PR (Phantom Ranger) Lv. 56 w/o items + Dye+4 STR and: 

                Runes XP/SP 50% (7 days) x2
                Super XP Scroll (+1kk XP) x 42
                Scrolls XP/SP +30% x92                                                                ==> 90 USD
                Special Fruit buff x117
                Mount Pack (x30 days) 


** In same acc have Sorser Lv. 41 w/o items + Dye+4 WIT and:

                Super XP Scroll (+1kk XP) x63

2 Acc: PP (Prophet)  Lv 57 with Haste+ Dye+4 WIT and:

               Runes XP/SP 50% (7 days) x2
               Scrolls XP/SP +30% x62
               Scrolls Mid XP/SP +40% x5                                                            ==> SOLD
               Special Fruit buff x145
               Super XP Scroll (+1kk XP) x42
               Mount Pack (x30 days)


3 Acc: BD (Blade Dancer) Lv 52 with saber*saber and:

              Runes XP/SP 50% (7 days) x1                                                        ==> SOLD

              Mount Pack (x30 days)




For more info give pm here. Or Add Discord --> Zeta#0215

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