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you will have a demo location to test difference by yourself. and you can also buy only required places, not entire package.



l2off-like movement. coded&tested @jfrozen



30 to 300 fps in seconds. coded&tested @jfrozen



fast restart. coded&tested @jfrozen



high performance, low ram usage optimizations for java packs


*i can code/fix for both l2j and l2off except newer versions of acis'*


i can edit any client package. like you using 100mb file just for one icon? im here now.

you want lots of skins and low patch size? pm

https://prnt.sc/105mwyn - retail client

https://prnt.sc/105myad - customized client. more fps, less ram usage

https://youtu.be/4zgpXaFQL54 (60+ fps fights. this server was l2off, vanganth)



original speed of video. the only edit over my patch is a skillgrp for group heal only. you can improve the performance with different files.

im selling my entire client but im also selling optimization files for system folder only if you are low on budget


the patch that i made for l2dex

https://prnt.sc/scjugi - retail files

https://prnt.sc/sck0um - optimized



pm for more at discord


aLzhite#6732 - discord



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  • aLzhite changed the title to services of aLzhite

This guy knows what he is doing and has experience with client edits. No more deMEV from now on. You have this excellent personality aLzhite who will assist you in geodata and other client edits without giving 1 milion dollars. I vouch for him. 

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