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[L2OFF] L2Aldora

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Start date:    23 February 2019 19:00 (UTC-3)
1000+ Players expected on the Opening!

Website: https://www.l2aldora.com

Forum: https://www.l2aldora.com/forum


Why you should preffer Aldora Interlude server:

 - Chronicle: Interlude Mid Rate Server
 - 100% [L2OFF]  official platform PTS Interlude [NOT JAVA]
 - Fully authentic gameplay.
 - Fixed all known game bugs.
 - Exceptional quality and stability!
-  Unrivaled security and safety

2fai7kw.png GENERAL RATES

  • Exp 1-76 : x35
  • Exp 76-80 : x20
  • Adena: x50
  • Drop: chance x1
  • Spoil: chance х1
  • RB drop: chance х1
  • Epic drop: chance х1

1.png Enchants

  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Max Enchant Weapon: +16
  • Max Armor / Jewels: +12
  • +3 to +5 : 60%
  • +6 to +9 : 50%
  • +10 to +13 : 40%
  • +14 to +16 : 30%

accessory_bear_cap_i00.png Start-up characters

  • Top No-Grade items and Passive Noblesse for 1h for all new Characters.


  • Empower potion.
  • Auto Potions use : MP / CP / HP on -30% missing
  • Infinity shots to reduce SS lag.
  • Toogle skill that prevents grief buffing.
  • Skills that increases weight capacity/inventory/craft/trade/storage
  • Raids Ember, Shyeed and Galaxia, are under PVP zone with boosted drops like clan skill items and CRP, respawn 24h
  • Varka Horus and Ketra Brakki are without a PVP zone but also with boosted drops like clan skill items and CRP, respawn 24h.
  • All epics are boosted to level 80 also QA - Zaken , all epic zones are under pvp zone.
  • Valakas/Antharas and Frintezza have their fearing skill effects removed.
  • Queen Ant Ring, Frintezza Necklace are S-grade.
  • Retail Barakiel with the respawn of 8h. PVP-ZONE( cannot be dragged away )
  • Custom Barakiel in Bandit Stronghold with the respawn time of 24h - NON-PvP zone.
  • (Both Barakiels have slightly boosted HP)
  • VIP system : Vip Rune : 75% boosted exp/drops/adena/spoil.
  • Auto-learn skills untill and including level 75. 76+ skills can be learned by spellbooks.
  • 76-77-78 spellbooks can be bought from the shop or via drops in the solo farming zone.
  • 79-80 spellbooks are available only from raids, and a slight chance at party farming zone.
  • Npc Buffers and General Gatekeepers are set in all towns.
  • Special functions : .menu with special functions like Offline Shop and Gold Bar system .goldbar buy/sell command and /offline_shop
  • S-grade is obtained by retail craft ( 75% ), all recipes can be found in the Gear NPC.
  • Major Arcana Set gives Cast. Spd. and is slightly better than DC robe. just more cast and same m atk
  • Buffs that go through Anti-Buff toogle skill are : OL M.Def+P.Def+WW / Prayer / Body of Avatar / Blessing of Noblesse / Valor / Pet uffs (Cat+Pony)
  • Remote buff coin system, a special coin where you can buff yourself without a npc also includes resist buffs. ( no hp restore ) estricted in Coli/Olimpiad/Siege Areas.
  • Our client patch has unlimited zoom.



  • Ant Queen - 80 level - Respawn = 24hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 100%
  • Core - 80 level - Respawn = 36hour Respawn Random + - 1hour- Drop Ring - 100%
  • Orfen - 80 level - Respawn = 36hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100%
  • Zaken - 80 level - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100%
  • Baium - 80 level - Respawn = 120hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 100%
  • Antharas - 80 Level - Respawn = 168hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100%
  • Valakas - 80 Level - Respawn = 240hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Necklace - 100%
  • Frintezza - 80 Level - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Necklace - 100%


  • Flame Splendor of Barakiel - 80 Level : 4 Hours (Chaotic Zone)
  • Flame Splendor of Barakiel - 80 Level : 12 Hours (No Chaotic Zone)
  • Cabrio - 80 Level : 3 Hours.
  • Golkonda - 80 Level : 3 Hours.
  • Hallate - 80 Level : 3 Hours.
  • Kernon - 80 Level : 3 Hours.

accessory_noblesse_tiara_i00.png Nobless and Sub class

  • First, Second and Third class change information can be found at Class Manager in the Main Town.
  • When changing to 1st and 2nd class you will be receiving a reward pack with help-out gear to match your level.
  • Third class requires a special task.
  • (Hunt in Shrine of Loyalty for a 10x items that can be exchanged to a item that allows you to change 3rd class)
  • (Drop rate is 35% per x1 item)
  • When changing to 3rd class you will be receiving a 3rd Class Boost Reward that will boost your 25% exp/drops/adena for 30minutes.
  • (The 3rd Class Boost Reward cannot be traded/sold/dropped and it will expire no matter if you are online or not)
  • Subclass Quest is retail. TOI raids have 8h respawn. Baium item can be found in the shop.
  • Noblesse Quest is retail.
  • (Hellfire Oil / Lunargent can be found in the Misc Shop or retail quested)
  • (Subclass/Noblesse Quest Pouches unlock moonstone shards on a x4 amount)

skill0395.png  OLYMPIAD

  • Olympiad system is on a 7-day cycle.
  • Mystic classes will now benefit of Acumen Lv3 buff in olympiad games
  • Hero Weapons are equal to +10 S-grade weapons.
  • Hero Spear cancels only 1 buff per critical hit.
  • No enchant restriction in olympiad.
  • Augments are allowed in olympiad.

skill0391.png  Clan Infos

  • Seal of Ruler - Castle cresting skill cast time has been reduced in half.
  • Maximum clans in one ally is set to 2 clans
  • RoyalGuard/OrderKnight are disabled
  • All clan penalties are removed
  • Npc Buffer, General Gatekeeper and Warehouse are set in all clan halls.
  • Castle Registration NPC's are available in Main Town.


  • Available Siegeble Castles : 
  • Aden / Rune are our supreme 1st class castles with amazing rewards !!!
  • Giran / Goddard and Schuttgart are our 2nd class castles aswell with rewards !!!
  • Crown of Lord gives special stats
  • Normal User Crown gives extra stats
  • We have only 3 siegeble Clan Halls enabled available. (Fortress of Ressistance/Devastated Castle/Fortress of Dead)
  • The siegeble Clan Halls have also rewards when you obtain them.


  • Most of the mobs world wide are removed just the needed ones for quests and leveling are left.
  • All town npcs are removed, what is left are just the most necesary ones.
  • (This feature is done to prevent NPC server lags and increase the load time of it)
  • Some misc items have a new look
  • Zone 1 : Monastary of Silence - Base (solo zone) + Monastary of Silence - End Rooms (party zone)
  • Zone 2 : Primeval Forrest (solo zone) + Primeval Plains (party & chaotic zone)
  • Party mobs uppon death give 10 CRP to the slayer's clan
  • All classes were balanced, so all classes can fight with the same force.
  • One skill has been improved in the sumonner class so that it can parcitipate from pvp normally.
  • Modified Skill - Servitor haste: Skill gives increased status to your servitor.
  • Servitor haste is prohibited in the Olympics.
  • The atk speed that was given in the skill servitor haste was added to skill servitor shield so that there is no loss of power in the olympic
  • Skills that require skill battle force and spell force to function, now work without the need to use them before .

Start date:    23 February 2019 19:00 (UTC-3)

Downloads and Register Online 22 February 2019

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  • SweeTs changed the title to [L2OFF] L2Aldora
4 minutes ago, baksteen said:

Over 1,000 players expected. Of course XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


brazilian community is big so yes 

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1 hour ago, xPeNaChO said:

If nobody wants to play ur jfrozen server! I cant do nothing! :hi:

with this web history, for sure over then 1k incoming



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3 hours ago, xPeNaChO said:

If nobody wants to play ur jfrozen server! I cant do nothing! :hi:

We'll see how many people playing your server. I expect now over 1k people since u said that.

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