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WTS 41kk Adena, adena 4.3€/M| LVL 44 VIP 4 ~12kvip points Gladia

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Hello, since i am going cold turkey i wanna get rid of my stuff real quick.


Selling level 56 WC:
All buffs learned. 
It's naked(with a lot of boosts)

Email is unique to the account, you will also get a clean email with the account.

(probably wise to use a middle-man like Pufa if he agrees, i did a deal with him before and it was really fast and smooth)


LVL 44 Gladiator With VIP lvl 4 12,5k VIP POINTS.

804 NCSOFT coins.

Char is naked.

60€ Because of the ncstuff.



Adena in stock:
41kk (currently i am also selling other items in the game, so it rises)

Adena million is 4.3€, quite reasonable considering the market is booming like mad dog right now.


NEW STOCK 41kk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full Plate Set (+4fullbody,+3helm,boots+0,gloves+0) - 10kk 

Shamsir*Shamsir +5 (top C, same stats with raid*raid) - 13kk

Brigandine Set +0



my skype: matispure

Edited by deadhead
*I added the Tuna *Added my skype *Edited weapon *sold briga set *alot of edits

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