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[L2] L2Viserion


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Lineage 2 VISERION 500+ ONLINE 

L2Viserion - Lineage 2 Interlude.

Time Server, Site and Forum - UTC -5 
Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours 
Maximum Buffs Slots - 24 + 4 
Olympiads Max Enchant -. +10 
Olympiads Every 15 days 
Siege Every 15 days 
Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) 
The only system of votes - with reward 
Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes 
Sub-Class Quest - Free 
Nobless Quest - si 
Sub-Class Maximum Level - 80 
Master Class - Yes 
Offline mode Shop - Yes 
Auto Learn Skills - Yes 
Auto Loot - Yes 
Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss - Not 
Champions System - Yes 
Wedding System - Yes 
Gm Shop Armors and Weapons only grade B / Grade A and S only Craft 
Mana Potion: yes 
Change Clas: lv 20 (100k adena) lv 40 (1kk adena) lv 76 (50kk adena / 5kk AA ) 
Limit of accounts: 3 per IP (if you want to open more check the Vip specifications) 


Experience (EXP) - 40x 
Skill Points (SP) - 40x 
Adena - 20x 
Drop Items - 10x 
Quest Adena - 10x 
Quest Items Drop - 5x 
Spoil - 10x 
Weight Limit - 7x 
Manor - 3x 
Extract Fi
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Pq13WNdxyiI" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
sh - Retail 

Epic Boss

Valakas: Respawn Time 240 +2 (Waiting time until Valakas disappears without a fight: 4 Hr)

Antharas: Respawn Time 192 +2 (Waiting time until Antharas disappears without a fight: 4 Hr)

Frinteza: Respawn Time 72 +2

Baium: Respawn Time 120 +2 (Waiting time until Baium falls asleep without hitting him: 1 Hr)

Zaken: Respawn Time 48 +2

Ant Queen: Respawn Time 24 +2/ Chance jewel 50%

Orfen: Respawn Time 36 +2/ Chance jewel 50%

Core: Respawn Time 36 +2/ Chance jewel 50%

Raid Boss Quest

Flame Of Splendor Barakiel: Respawn Time 8+2 (lv 74) 

Varka's Hero Shadith: Respawn Time 12+6 
Varka's Commander Mos: Respawn Time 12+6 

Ketra's Hero Hekaton: Respawn Time 12+6 
Ketra's Commander Tayr: Respawn Time 12+6 


Safe Enchant - 3 
Max Enchant - 16 
Normal Scroll chance - 50% 
Blessed Scroll chance 70% y no se cristaliza

System Vip

More Exp 50% 
More Sp 50% 
More Drop 50% 
More Adena 50% 
More Spoil 50% 
Teleport Vip ( .vip_teleport You need to be in party and your companion has to be Vip) 
Extra Coins ( It gives you Automatic 100 coin of dragoon silver every 24 these hours they increase in 100 for every Vip's level ) 
Extra account (allows you to open an account more than allowed by each character VIP one character per account) 


NPCs - NPCs The weapons, armor and accessories are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment. 

Skin System - Unique system of suits, which does not work with the armors and do not give any status or bonus, it is only a visual theme. 

All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant. 
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