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WTB WTB Adena / Accounts / Items on TI, Giran, Aden, Skelth

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- I want to offer you assistance in selling your goods.

- I have a great experience and good reputation as a seller.

- I will help you find a client

and will be Middle-Man in transaction between you and customer.       


       Skype - llesaneda llesaneda.png Facebook -7e92aece4a2be88cba25459b9d8b2fe2-full.jp

2092074731_icons8---80.png.2955fa5e53343ef02abf9b522bd30306.pngFollow this steps to protect yourself from scamm: 312873183_icons8---80.png.a0c97c42048d81b90ff725b280e96244.png


1. Use Skype button to add me in Skype - llesaneda.png

2. If Skype button not work in your browser, do it manually.

Pay attention on 2 different Skype logins one of them a scammer!!! 




3. Identify me, send me code in Maxcheaters PM, and ask me write this code in Skype.


- Add me in Skype or FB

- Send me list of items for salle

- Give me prices for your goods

- w8 till i found customer.


Edited by Pufa

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Topic cleaned.

Once again i'll remind you what @Pufa said.

Make sure you add the right skype, if you get scammed by a fake skype while he already warned you about that it's not his fault. Do not accuse someone for your own faults.

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