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On 11/30/2018 at 2:10 PM, *real*savormix said:

No, most likely no wipe.

But sounds like stuff will be changed back and forth, just like in pvt servers. And I mean large changes, such as changing how various skills work or when they can be used compared to normal classic.


Feed us more info pls... Also is there any update on when is bloodki coming for us white subhumans?


I'm very much interesinko in this

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Well, more info is regarding updates in Korea. As BC is effectively a SOLO server, they are changing support classes (primarily their skills). For example, SE recharge is a self-buff and not mana refill; SE also has the Empowering Echo self-buff. SwS has the 'Song of Elemental' and BD has the 'Dance of Aligment' (both of which do nothing by the way since the old elemental system is not present in Classic).


So far there are no dates or date ranges set for BC release outside Korea (early preparation stages), so stay tuned.

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