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WTS AdrenalineScript.com - premium plugins and scripts for Lineage 2 Adrenaline (Radar for PvP, Enchanter, Autologin, TT recipes)

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NexTarget - radar for Lineage 2(L2), tipping balance of game to your side!
After the battle your enemies will delete game client and you wear the crown of the winner...
Functionality will allow you to focus on getting pleasure from game, because you are in it for this!

  • supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage interface, list of priority targets, list of attacking target, locator
  • combo sorting of players (class, name / clans, buffs, effects, equips, etc.)
  • detailed information about current target (stats, equips, buffs, effects)
  • assist, defense allies, targeting players by priority and class
  • hotkeys for controlling interface and functions, fast changing profiles of settings
  • hiding useless objects and animations to increase perfomance, chaning names of players
  • using own scripts, creating widgets and screen notices
  • 20 PvP functions (using series of skills with flexible conditions, holding target, screen notices for a lot of events and showing damage, ignoring agression,ignoring invisibility(AntiGM), atticking wars after resurrection(reskill), collective skill using,breaking casts, avoing breaking casts, auto CP/HP/MP, dispeling buffs, fast "Alt+B" buff,controling "noblesse blessing", quest cursor to target, controlling weapon,avoiding backward attacks, attacking with moving backward, controlling toggle skills)

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Boost - universal plugin for Lineage 2(L2) that lets you skip the boring parts of the game.
Looking for a clicker whole evening, and it's not working? Boost works almost everywhere!
Tired of days to catch desired effect in weapon? Boost will catch up everything to all items while you sleep!

  • supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage interface, profiles of settings
  • enchanting all necessary items and skills without editing settings for every item / skill
  • lightning fast speed (~200 enchantments / ~150 augmentations / ~300 combines per minute)
  • setuping random pause for enchanting to be safe
  • hiding players and monsters, clearing memory of game client
  • notifications after ending working (sound, lighting and showing game window)
  • enchanting items with the possibility of using the bless.scrolls and stones
  • augmenting weapons and jewelry with any effects (any skills, any stats)
  • attributing items with stones and crystals
  • combining jewels, soul crystals, talismans and runes, their unpacking
  • enchanting skills with common and bless.codexes
  • buying talismans in the fort/castle with deletion of unnecessary

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Boxer - plugin for Lineage 2(L2) for easy management of your game accounts.
It's time to forget about notes with accounts. Everything can be stored in plugin and runed in 1 click!
Tired to restart windows after loss of connection? Or get up for it at night? No more!

  • supports 99% of freeshareds(java, pts), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage and configurable interface
  • account management (start, stop, show/close client of game)
  • reloading accounts after disconnect / freeze / etc.
  • mass management of marked accounts
  • flexible account activity timers to work at the necessary time
  • simultaneous entering the game multiple accounts if necessary
  • displaying status, level, CP / HP / MP and number of items you need
  • loading profile of bot and necessary script after entering the game
  • setuping random pause between game client launches
  • entering standard and alternative additional passwords
  • simultaneous work with accounts on the different game servers
  • sound notifications on login error / dissconnect, etc.

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Tateos - plugin for Lineage 2(L2) for passing quests "Egg Delivery" and "Delivery of Special Liquor".
Plugin uses smart algorithms to find the shortest path and select dialogs.
And it shows invisible GMs, he-he!

  • supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage interface, profiles of settings
  • starting working on any quest stage
  • supports servers with alternative location of NPCs
  • supports dinamical dialogs
  • 2 paths to choose, ready base of paths, selection of base, paths editor
  • teleportation and buff with dialogs or "Alt+B"
  • showing invisible GM's, notification and deactivation when detected
  • hiding players and monsters from getting stuck and improving performance
  • clearing memory of game client to improve stability
  • activating bot and loading necessary profile
  • setuping random pause for dialogs
  • depositing recipes to clan warehouse(CWH)
  • notification on problems (sound, lighting and showing game window)

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tested his licence for one day really nice work has a lot of functions especially on pvp you can do so much things 100% recommended product ! Thanks @Krickt01

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    • Check this 100% trusted 100% support     
    • Briefly about server: https://l2pwner.com/pvpinfo  • Chronicles: Interlude. Rates: Unlim.
      • Start playing on Primeval Island, 80th LvL.
      • Sub classes are taken without a quest, immediately 80 LvL. You can take up to 10 sub classes.
      • NPC Buffer with support profiles and resists. Under the buff there are definitely 44 slots.
      • Maximum sharpening for everything: +20. Chance enchant: 100%.
      • System of automatic use of HP / CPU / MP cans. .Acp command in chat.
      • Active LS do not fall off if you remove the weapon. Solar Flare works without rollback.
      • Heroic skills work on all sub-classes.
      • Implementation of standard Heroic Weapons.
      • Implementation of the majority of Interlude sets with stats: DC, TM, IR and Drakonika.
      • Added 3 types of Tattoo with effects: Wind Walk (1 lvl), Shield (2 lvl) and Magic Barrier (1 lvl).
      • Clan is created with the maximum level and all clan skills. All clan penalties are canceled. Clan skills are available to all clan members.
      • TVT Events are held on Full Buff, constantly, in different locations. Reward - Quick Healing Potion and Heroism for 60 minutes for Top Kills. • Classical Olympics. The period of 7 days. Sharpening limit +6(you can go to +20). The use of Epic Jewelery at the Games of the Olympics changes in one week.
      • In cases of "critical error" the character will wait for you in the game for another 5 minutes. • Most gaming professions are adapted to the relevance of PvP, so do not rush to conclusions, first understand the intricacies of our server. Each profession has its pros and cons, therefore, for each class there is an anti-class. Remember - the Devil is in the details!

      ALLL FREE AGGU,Enchant Skillls,Weapons Armors join to play oly   
    • file no bugged and l2 off who be in beta know it :)
    • lo descargare y usare para disfrutar de mi farmeo :D  
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