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[SHARE] LinMod + Guide

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This program was created by Lithuanian team, and its call linmod.

Website: Linmod.com

Download: 4Shared.com



With this program you can fast create l2.ini file, easy and fast edit *.dat files, create a launcher and patcher.



Ok lets start :]


1. First of all you need found your lineage2 system path, by pressing browse button.




2. Writing ip into l2.ini


Server Ip adress: Write your ip adress of your server

Resolution: Write your pc resolution, its save into options.php

Camera distance: I thing we don't need description :)


Then you evertything done, press Modify button





3. l2.ini viewer




4. *.DAT editor


Version: Choose your Lineage2 version, c4, c5 and etc.

File: Choose what file you want to edit






5. SFX Maker (Patcher)


Windows title: Title of your patcher

Info text: Short info about your server or etc.

Icon: Your server icon. (If you don't have one, we add you our default)

Shortcut name: Patcher name










6. Launcher Builder


Launcher title: Title of your launcher

Server adress: Your server website

HTTP file Server Adress: Adress where are ceaping your server file, im talking about system. This adress is need to download server system or etc files.

Icon: Your server icon, if you don't have one, we add you our default

Picture 430x140: Launcher banner






Thats all. Good luck :]

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   ~~~~ Nice Share!! Very Good Software!! ~~~~~


....Thx !! Keep going!! ;)



[Edit : My Antivirus found [Win32/Jeefo.A.Virus] ~ Scanning With Nod32 ]


Check it!!!!

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Hmmm... Oh i know why... First of all this is very old project, and if you want to use this program you need pay, but. but i added patcher witch breake that pay, so why antivirus find a virus. linmod.2.0.rc2.(build.0.9.8)-patch.exe <<< i think of this file, becouse its patcher.

P.s. this project closed, so now i one by one continue this project.


EDIT: You can find video guide in http://l2j.lt if you think its a virus. But its not..

But the guide is Lithuanian lang.



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