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WTS Adrenaline Script [Quest] Sweetest Venom, 100% automatic

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Hello, just made a script for Sweetest Venom quest for Adrenaline bot. Tested on the NA Classic server, can run for hours without issues. Script is 100% automatic.

Price: 5$ for 1PC
Unlimited time, unlimited characters


- Scroll of Escape, Newbie Scroll of Escape or Dark Elf Village Scroll of Escape in inventory
- Character level 18+ (preffered 20+ with class changed)
- Configured adrenaline profile for your char (attack, healing, targeting etc)


- Auto repeat quest
- Start/resume at any part of the quest
- Revive and continue if dead
- Auto go to spot
- Use soe when stuck or got all quest items
- Auto pause when die more than 10 times during one quest run (protects for delevel/drop items etc)
- Shows average time for completed quests


For any questions contact me here or skype: damian.mal497

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Got also other adena quest scripts for the same price:
- Dreaming of the Skies (4k adena per run)
- Collect Spores (1k adena per run but very fast and 8lv needed only)
- Collector's Dream (1k adena per run but very fast)

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