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WTS WTS NA Classic (Giran/Talking Island) BEST PRICE adena 10k-0,9eur/weapons/toons/powerlevel

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Talking Island:

Adena: write to skype and ask

Weapons: write to skype and ask

Characters:  write to skype and ask




Powerlevel: write to skype and ask for price


Item_57.jpg.b5c4a89ac514a60bb027c0c6844c6151.jpg - 9,21kk in stock 10kk - 0.9Eur if taking a lot big discount.


Weapons: Reinforced Bow and Tome of Blood


Item_90.jpg.4d61d46d692abde56289bdfb89d1d93b.jpg - Goat Head Staff Type - Blunt / 2-h.  (mage weapon) Write skype to ask for price


Item_276.jpg.c2a186ce2dbf324d49d19e02bed01e75.jpg - Elven Bow Type - Bow / 2-h. (bow weapon) Write skype to ask for price


Item_280.jpg.81e56d01f1e279c091aecb5521d2554d.jpg - Light Crossbow Type - Bow / 2-h. (TOP BOW D best in server atm)Write skype to ask for price


Item_317.jpg.eb2def08ed2cbd585c921fb52b0e7df5.jpg  - Grade D Tome of Blood Type - Sword / 1-h. (mage weapon) sold


Item_274.jpg.14d03a8becd9d1ad649a5c9b8f45ef27.jpg - Reinforced Bow Type - Bow / 2-h. (bow weapon) sold





40,62% Human wizard 170Eur (no 2nd class quest)

   Moon set, novice weapon, novice jewels with chronicle pack Giran


39,43% Human wizard 135Eur

   Moon set, novice weapon, novice jewels with chronicle pack Giran


37,49% Assasin 130Eur

  Moon set, novice weapon, novice jewels with chronicle pack Giran


If you see no stock written you can always ask in skype maybe stock is not updated on site.

Accepting only paypal/skrill.


Skype: live:l2classicmarket_1 write exactly like this and find me. Linus

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I need some GM to reply me. Thsi User scammed me 20 euros and I gor Warned by the forum? Where Do I need so send the proves that i did not get the adena?




PD. I made a lot of transactions in this Forum and i get a WARNING PENALTY for getting ScammeD????


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    • First of all, we cannot controll banned users making new accounts. We do what you mentioned junking topics/posts etc from banned members but that doesn't solve anything. And secondly and most important, there are way more serious reasons of bans than flaming, xdem, kara and some other users are banned for flaming, but there are scammers that scam every day and we cannot do a lot of things about it, there are users bulling other members and they're doing it by following rules (doesn't scam, flame, etc) and way more reasons that our forum is what it is right now with zero new shares and zero creativity.   Some users flame or act childish but tbh isn't so much harm than other users bulling and scamming people here. The fact that xdem will write on l2prideful's topics that the server is trash it won't harm his server AT ALL. But users saying the code someone shared is crap, the npc he made is ugly af, etc will harm the people trying to crete new things and share them with everyone.   The point is, we're at a point that we (the staffers) cannot do a lot about these situations, if members won't change their attitude baning them all will end up worst than having them here and won't change a thing. If you remember the old days when tons of people got banned for stupid reasons such as staffer in a similar forum, spaming, flaming, etc (ofc i'm not speaking about scammers) ended up making a dead forum because these were the people that would bring activity into the forum. Now we're trying to bring activity using other ways like hidden content and people still bitching and not following rules at all but no one cares about that, you only care about a harmless post of a guy saying trash a server.
    • My opinion about new accounts > new accounts > new accounts... Update the forum terms of use etc. and type: In case of permanent ban, the member will lose any right to his topics and the administrator / moderators will have all the right to manage your topics.   Then you ban his profile (bye bye feedback's and reputation), junk all his market / server / project topics. (keep all the "useful" stuff that he shared on forum because he will accept the terms of use) and then lets see if he will flame again  
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