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LF/WTB Bot for Skelth (Classic) - Unlimited accounts

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Adrenalin, L2Net, L2Walker...


I am open for new and other servers, not only Skelth.

I am open for new adventures.

At the moment I'm using Adrenalin, 10 usd per key, it's too expensive for me.

This is my first week on this, I'm playing 9 accounts and want to play a lot , really, a lot more.


LF Party that works and earns money from playing L2.

LF useful Scripts.

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you wont find cheaper option for skelth than adr, there might be private/small bots out there, but:

- prolly wont work with classic eu anyway

- don't hope to find anything free, and it wouldn't make sense to pay even 5usd for something else

- nothing private will have same features-set or stability of adr, which was developed/tested for years


just put macro loop party in catas, like everyone does or use bot on MA only :D

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